Troubleshooting UPS that stopped communication with my server


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I have an APC Back-UPS BX950MI


Yesterday it was able to talk to my unraid server just fine, today it says: 'Lost communication'

How do I troubleshoot what is going wrong?

I have rebooted the server already and reconnected the USB cable going from the UPS to the server multiple times.

I am at a loss, so thanks in advance for any help!

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Thanks for your response, I have checked the following things:

- Connect the USB cable to a USB2.0 port

- Restarted the UPS daemon (& Unraid)

- Installed the NUT plugin


No luck so far, unfortunately.

I have left the NUT plugin in its default configuration, is there something I should change?


Also I was wondering; is it possible that my USB ports enter some form of suspended state?


When I connect the UPS to my Windows laptop, the Powerchute software recpgnizes the UPS just fine.

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