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I'm only somewhat of a programmer, but I thought of a plugin that some might find useful.


I just enabled the split level on a few of my shares to keep the media files together for a movie, tv series season, etc. Because I had them all combined in a single media folder prior (/mnt/user/media/movies, /mnt/user/media/tv, etc), with no splitting, the files are scattered everywhere. So, I'm in the process of using the File Browser to Move the split folders to the newly created root share (/mnt/user/media_Movies, /mnt/user/media_TV, etc) to get the files combined on the same drive. It's a really long process, and I don't have THAT much media. That's what made me think of the idea for a plugin. 


Basically, the plugin would go folder by folder, drive by drive, in a user selected folder, looking for all files in that specific subfolder/split level. It would do a quick filesize check of each file it found, and move any file smaller than the largest file found to the physical drive that is holding that largest file.  I hope I explained it clear enough. I can see the process in my mind, but that doesn't mean that I know how to put it in words LOL.


Right now, I'm doing the movies folders. Those are usually a large video file, followed by one or more "extra" files, like SRT, NFO, etc. So, using my plugin idea, it would take those tiny files from whatever physical drive they're located on and put them in the same folder, on the same drive, as the video file. That's a LOT faster than moving absolutely everything.


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