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Asus M4A78LT-M LE and Sempron 265 wont start


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I'm following rajs prototype design and I'm using an Asus M4A78LT-M LE and AMD  265 with a Corsair CX500.


I can't get the thing to boot. When I turn the power button on the fans start and the CPU fan start. However, I get nothing on the display.


I've remembered the atx12v and have tried with and without my Norco SS-500 plugged in. What am I doing wrong??



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This may or may not be related.


I am building a new unRAID server for a friend. I had him order the Corsair CX500 for a power supply.


The power supply I received appears to be BAD. The fans start, but then spin down. Everything cuts out. As a test, I pulled my Corsair 430 from my own personal computer, and it powers up fine (at least as far as I have gotten). So my friend ordered a replacement CX500... Same thing.


Not sure what is up but I think I have had two bad PSU's in a row. Not good.


Have ordered a CX430 for the time being. This server is intended to be a three drive version, at least for now. Will order a larger one once I know it will grow.


You may have a bad PSU!



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The MB user manual will show you how to reset the CMOS


The PSU thread has a great discussion and recommendations for PSU's depending on need.


EDIT: PS the PSU you have is likely fine as designed (didn't look up spec) the issue is it might be defective.


EDIT2: PPPS: I said reSEAT the CPU ... not reset ... that is ... make sure it is securely and correctly in the socket and latched.  Same with the memory and power connectors.

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