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Bluray streaming... audio cuts out... HELP


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I have noticed that streaming of blurays from my Unraid servers has started to cause issues. Every now and then the audio seems to cut out when streaming a bluray. The video continues just fine. The audio will then start again or if I pause and then play the audio seems to come back right away. This is very weird as I have been playing them fine for over a year. I am not sure what started this happening.


I am not sure what to do to resolve this.

What test can I do to check this? Is there a setting on my router that may have changed that could affect this? I did just add my xbox 360 to the DMZ and opened the xbox ports to get by the Moderate NAT issue when playing on the xbox 360.


Could this have caused this?



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The video continues just fine. The audio will then start again or if I pause and then play the audio seems to come back right away.


In general, if the video really doesn't stop or stutter and you have audio problems then this is not related to the server, the router or the network, but can only be in the media player or the device that it is feeding the audio to.  Within any media stream, the audio and video are combined in some way or other and it is not possible to stop the audio and have the video continue to play due to any network condition or server issues. 


The exception would be if you were transcoding the video and audio on the server from one format to another.  Then it would be possible for this to happen if the transcoder screwed up in some way.


We really need much more information about the hardware and software components used, otherwise we are just making guesses.

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What I said still stands.  Your reply suggests that you are not transcoding on the server, therefore the only way that you can have video but no audio is either a problem with the PCH player, or your TV or your AV receiver (if you have one) or the interconnections of audio and video are separated at some point. 


Like I said, without details we can only guess, but it does not sound like this is a network or server issue.

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The blurays are streamed from the UNRAID to the PCH C-200. From there the HDMI goes to my Panasonic Viera 3D TV. There is one HDMI from the TV to my receiver for sound. The input on the tv determines what sound is sent to the receiver.

I streamed the Disneynature African Cats bluray with no issue at all last night. No idea why I see on some movies. Maybe it is the PCH.



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Does it always happen only with certain blurays or will it play some times fine and others not on the same bluray.


If you think it may be a network issue, try wiring the the PCH to to unraid via cables and different cables and not through the walls. I've had cabling through the walls give me occasional freezesdue to a connection issue.



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