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Hitachi Drive question

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I got lucky and scored a few Hitachi drives locally last week before the prices spiked to much,

these are the first Hitachi drives I have ever owned.


I picked up:

internal HDS5C3030ALA630 5400rpm green ($109)

external USB3 touro pro which has a HDS723030ALA640 7200rpm for $139

(figured I could open the case and take the drive out if I wanted).


I was actually not expecting a 7200 rpm, but I can put to good use  :D


I am not quite ready to put these into my Unraid server as I am current out of physical space

(and ports) and in the middle of upgrading to larger case, etc. So I put the internal in a USB3

case and the external was good to go, and plugged them into my Win7 box.


Transfer rates are excellent on both drives, as expected 7200 is faster and hotter.


Now the question........finally  :o


Both of these drives go to sleep in like 10-15 mins of no activity, and I have not been able to

control/adjust this time, it is way to short for everyday use IMHO. I have a few older WD

elements (5400 green, probably EADS or something) and they also sleep, but after like 30 mins.


I do not remember reading any issues with Hitachi drives sleep issue on these boards in Unraid so I

thought it might be a win7 issue.


I emailed Hitachi and did get a response. they claim  "The drive doesn't have a built in sleep or

spin down feature enabled.  It is designed to support the Windows settings for power saving". I

changed every friggin power setting I could find in win7, even on the USB3 cards and nothing changed.


I thought maybe the USB3 card is doing this, so I moved one Hitachi drives off

the card and onto a normal USB2 plug. Same thing happens.


They have a utility tool that looks like it can control an "idle setting" on the drive but it claims to not

with with 3TB drive  >:(


The last email with Hitachi...

"We are still working on updating our tools but the drive shouldn't need to be atlered.  It sounds more

like there is a a defect in this particular drive and it is going to sleep on its own. Maybe it has some

corrupted firmware from the warehouse when it was built.  If you just got it, definitely bring it back

for a replacement"


c'mon, 2 different lines of drive, and both are corrupt? sounds like BS to me....and returning is always

a pain.


Anybody else have similar experience with these drives in win7? I hope no sleep issues with Unraid.

Anybody know how to change this setting, or if such a setting exists.


I am looking into a program keep the drive alive by writing some blank file or something but this

seems like a total kludge.


Thanks for any help.




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Thanks all for the replies...


I am thinking it is in the controller inside the enclosures also, or win7 is not operating properly

(wow there is some shocking news). Of course to use >2tb I need win7.


I have a different USB3 card (for one of my other box) I might try just to satisfy myself that I tried all options.


When I put these drives in my Unraid server, I should not expect this problem? I will be able to set

the spindown time like I can now with my samsungs and WDs?




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