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  1. I don't have docker on this server. Attached is a new diagnostics, thanks once again @trurl.
  2. Error during upgrade procedure on 2nd pass downloading file Error reads plugin: updating: unRAIDServer.plg plugin: downloading: ... 90% plugin: download failure: File I/O error Executing hook script: post_plugin_checks
  3. Attached are the diagnostics.
  4. The split level is set so that no directories are on more than one disk. The directories already exist on these disks, so unraid should only add them into the existing directories. It works perfectly on 15 disks but not 2 of the disks. It thinks the disks are full, which they are not. The use case is new episodes of an existing TV series.
  5. I am not at home, I will check in a couple of days, but I think the settings are the same on all 17 disks, only 2 behave differently. FWIW, copying to the share where these 2 disks were involved, used to hit an error not enough space, but if you hit try again a few times, would eventually complete successfully.
  6. Multiple XFS drives in the array all drives circa 1TB free space Only one share on the server containing all drives When copying different files to the share (existing folders on two particular drives) copy cannot complete because it reports insufficient free space, but copy to the correct folder on a separately mapped drive completes successfully and other drives have no problem.. completed parity check and xfs correcting error check completed to no avail, problem persists.
  7. Thanks, I do have all my old files
  8. Thank you to all those that helped, especially trurl The new disk is fitted and rebuilt successfully. I'm not sure about whether the old disk is ok or not, at some point I try and preclear it and see what happens.
  9. I have an update. I reseated all the drives and rebooted the server. It saw the failed disk, I ran a parity check and it ran ok for about an hour before I went to bed, this morning the disk has been dropped again overnight sometime with 2048 disk errors, parity check hasn't yet finished. So I will shortly be in a position where the disk is being emulated and I can add the new disk when it arrives next week. I have attached the diagnostics. I'd be grateful for confirmation the disk is shot.
  10. Yes I still have it, after a "new config" retaining all disks, the server wouldn't see it.
  11. Yes, array has not been restarted. My plan was to assign the new disk only, format it, start the array with the all the disks (new disks included) after clicking "Parity is OK", shut down, reboot and rebuild parity. I have a few servers, this particular server has issues, every few months I get UDMA errors sometimes resulting in a disk dropping off the array, a new config retaining all disks corrects it (it didn't this time), I then do a connecting parity check. I've replaced disk back planes, cables, disk controllers, everything except the motherboard which is too big/expensive a job.
  13. I did not allow New Config to rebuild parity because I know it will initialise the new drive (which is on order) Parity is still ok.
  14. I have a disk failed, I have done a new config and kept all disks in the new config, now shows one disk missing but doesn’t show details of the disk. I want to replace with larger disk and rebuild from parity, what do I do?