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  1. A potential solution to this might be the following action on hitting spin down button... Read vm.dirty_expire_centisecs Change vm.dirty_expire_centisecs from read value to 1 second (potentially 0 seconds) Spin Down the disks Wait 1 or 2 seconds (If any disks spun up) Spin Down the disks (or just spin them down again) Restore vm.dirty_expire_centisecs to original read value Currently, after a large write you need to wait 2 of 30 second intervals i.e. a minute before you can spin down the disks for the write cache to be flushed to disk
  2. Actually, Tips & Tweaks doesn't help. The disks still spin up again and make more writes. What's really need is for the write cache to be flushed to disk before spinning down the disks.
  3. Thanks dlandon, I have installed tips and tweaks, the options seem to be the size of the cache, not the speed it is flushed to disk. I've set the size percentages smaller and will see where that goes. I would still prefer to see the Spin Down disks button flush the cache before spinning down disks.
  4. From what it does now, to sync the file system, then spin down. After a large write, I have to wait for about a minute before I can spin down the disks as spurious writes seem to be made, if I spin it down straoght after a large copy, it spins back up again after a few moments.
  5. Further, this doesn't properly work on either server. The bug seems to be as follows, with a polling interval set at 30 seconds. Start a large number of files copying to the server, Spin up the array, Each file is copied for up to 30 seconds in read/modify/write before switching to reconstruct write Next file in the list begins in read/modify/write mode for up to 30 seconds again
  6. How do I determine what HBA's I have?
  7. I’m away on holiday for 2 weeks and have 3 unraid servers, auto turbo write does work on one, another is a backup with no drives. I’m not sure what the host controllers are.
  8. I’d thought of that, I would love to store the metadata on an SSD and make the catalogue a lot quicker, but there is no such option in Ember.
  9. One of my servers is dedicated to media (movies) with all of them catalogued with Ember Media Manager and only one share on my server with 20 data drives allocated to the share. If I use spin up groups, all the drives will stay spun up whilst I watch a 2 hour long movie. If I don’t use spin up groups, one drive at a time will spin up as Ember Media Manager retrieves the NFO file and JPG files to display in the catalogue. It can take 10 minutes or more as I scroll from movie to movie for the first 20 movies or so in the Ember Catalogue with long delays when the files ar
  10. They are all Seagate Archive drives ST8000AS0002 (20 of) and the 2 parity drives are Hitachi HGST_HDN728080ALE604
  11. I have the same error, it doesn't realise the disks are spun up
  12. A suggestion for an enhancement. Switch to reconstruct-write mode if writing continuously for X minutes.
  13. Thanks again, is there any configuration to do the boards BIOS or settings, or can I just replace it and go? I don't think I have a spare keyboard or monitor to set it up, I run it headless.
  14. I just ordered an X9SCM-F-O I hope it's compatible!