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[Solved?] Strange behavior during drive upgrade . . . is this normal?


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Thanks in advance.   See screenshot below .


Last night before going to bed i upgraded a 500gb drive to a 2tb drive.  It was recognized just fine when I restarted, and I clicked start to begin the data rebuild and went to bed.  Now its 8 hours later and I think something is wrong.  The drive being rebuilt (#13) is flashing like its spun down along with drive (#14) and the cache drive.  Data rebuild speed says 16 kb/s, yes only 16 kb/s.  Of note, briefly I refreshed and saw that drive #14 briefly spun up, but then quickly started flashing again.


I've done plenty of drive upgrades and this has never happened.


Any ideas?  Let me know if you need any more information to help.



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I did not see anything in your syslog.




Although it isn't required when upgrading a disk, it is highly recommended. Exercising a disk before installation into the array will help screen infant mortality problems. It sounds to me like you have a bad disk.




You might also consider running a smart report on that drive. Although some disks that pass smart fail in unraid, it is still helpful information.






Memtest is an application that tests your memory it is invoked by selecting it from the boot screen before unRAID loads. This is an easy thing to do, but is most likely not your problem.



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You posted you believe a drive spin up and then spin down immediately again. You might try turning off the spin-down timers and spinning the drives all up to see what happens.





I've been running preclear, so I haven't been able to try changing the spindown profile.


Here's an update snapshot of preclear:



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Well, preclear finished with no issues, so the drive didn't look bad.  I turned the "spindown time"  to "never" and added the drive to the array and started the rebuild .


and . .


Its done!  No errors, and all the files I've tried on the drive since the rebuild seem to work fine.


So . . .  it was either the spindown feature, or is it possible that preclear actually helped something?




Regardless, as always thanks for the folks who gave advice - you are what make unraid great!

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