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unRAID Virtual Boot Drive


Option #2 (more advanced but faster to upgrade/down grade)

Telnet or SSH into unRAID, run "blkid /dev/sda1" (your vmdk boot volume may not be sda1! change it to what yours is.) . This will get you the UUID of the vmdk drive.

example output: /dev/sda1: LABEL="BOOT" UUID="9431-4C95" TYPE="vfat"

(Now just edit your go script and add the following 2 lines to it, I personally put these entries at the very end.)

mkdir /mnt/vmdk

mount -t vfat -U 9431-4C95 /mnt/vmdk (change to your UUID)

(run these 2 command now since your telnet/ssh'ed in getting the UUID, this way you dont have to wait for a reboot as you inputted the lines into your GO script.)

So now everytime you reboot it will auto mount your vmdk (boot volume) under mnt/vmdk, just use something like WinSCP and you can backup the current files and copy the new flat files right to the boot volume (your vmdk) or via telnet/ssh copy from /mnt/boot to /mnt/vmdk. So you updated your flash (usb stick) and boot volume on the fly and all you need to do is reboot and your running the new version. Easy breezy.


Since the filesystem has a label you can mount it via Label with


mount -L BOOT /mnt/vmdk


This makes it easier in not having to know the uuid as the environment will look for a filesystem named BOOT on all drives.


If you look at the /etc/fstab, that is how the UNRAID volume is found and mounted.


WeeboTech,  BTW working like a charm! It was very kind of you to chime in, very helpful to guys like me learning the ropes around linux.


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