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Cloud Backup Plugin Beta - Looking for testers

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I wanted a better way to backup some of my local files to a cloud provider and did not want to have to rely on a container or VM to do so. To this end I have written a backup plugin that allows me to do so. At the moment it is just oAuth2 based, however, it uses rclone for a backend so I could add other destination types. The project is on GitHub in case you want to review the codebase. The plugin allows you to do 3 types of jobs:

  • Backup - This copies files from the unraid server to the remote storage
  • Archive - This moves files from the unraid server to the remote storage
  • Sync - This is a bi-directional sync so changes on either side are replicated both ways


In addition to this, it uses cron scheduling to automate calling of the backup commands.


https://github.com/EldonMcGuinness/UnraidCloudBackup ]


At this time the plugin is a beta, and I am looking for testers. As it currently sits, it allows you to hook connect to Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and Box. If you have another use case, and are willing to help test, let me know and I'll see what I can do on getting it in there. Below are images of the current interface. Do be aware, as oAuth2 does require a FQDN to connect and properly process callbacks, I did need to write a server-side client script, which I am hosting as a github page, to handle the handshake and requesting of tokens to give back to rclone. This too is on github for your review, since I know this might be a point of contention.


If you are interested in testing, please let me know how it goes or if you need help installing the plugin. A link the the plg file is below:

https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EldonMcGuinness/UnraidCloudBackup/master/CloudBackup.plg ]


You will need to setup your own client id and secret, which is free, until I find out what all I need to do to open my generated client/secret it up for general use with the different providers. The callback URL you will want to use for your application/client is [ https://eldonmcguinness.github.io/UnraidCloudBackup/callback ], again, this does not log anything at all and the code base is on github as well.


Plugin @ Github


Auth Server @ Github






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