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Yet Another Split Level Question


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I have the following directory setup on my unRaid 4.7 server:


disk1/Movies/A/Aliens (1986)

disk2/Movies/A/Almost Famous (2000)


and I wanted to keep all the movie files together on the same disk (everything at the movie name folder level and below). I have set my split level to "(" and that seemed to work, most of the time. However, I've been noticing that sometimes -- usually after I've already moved the files over to the server and sometime later add another file (such as a trailer) -- that the files end up fragmented.


In the above example, I copied a trailer for the Aliens movie and it ended up in disk2 for some reason, whereas I expected it should have been stored on disk1 (there was plenty of room on disk1).


Should I just change my split level to 2?

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Yeah, "(" was working most of the time. But I found that if I added files to the directory below "Some Directory With a (" later, it would split the files onto multiple disks.


Oh well. I've changed it to split level 2 and this currently seems to be working.

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