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[Solved] Can't Access Files on Read-only User


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I am running 5.0beta-13 and have a quick question.  I have my shares set up as private so you need to log in to view them.  On my PC while being logged in as root I am able to access my share and read/write to the share.  When on my HTPC and try to log in as my "read-only" account I can't get in to any subfolders.  I can get in the main share but that's it.  I can't open any of my folders (movies, tv shows, etc).  I am using Windows 7 64 bit for both with an SMB share.  What is wrong?  Thanks!

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What is wrong?  Thanks!


This probably has to do with the fact that the root user is part of the root user group.  Any user you create is part of the users group.


You need to run the NewPerms script to fix things, then create another user via the unRAID webGUI; call it admin.  Give that admin user read/write access to the share but deny the root user any access.  Anything that you write to the share as the admin user should be available to the other users (besides root).

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How do you run the NewPerms script?

Utils from the unRAID webGUI


So when I create the admin I will need to retransfer all my files?

Nope, no need to transfer files again.


When its all done I should have a root and admin as read/write and a media user for read only on all my shares? Thank you.

You can still give root read/write access but just do not log into the shares as that user, use the admin user.  I set root to read-only on a couple of my shares to make sure I don't fubar something while logged in as that user.

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