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[SOLVED] How to setup user shares so that a file goes to one disk


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Hi folks, running Unraid 4.7 here, and have 8 data disks not including parity & cache.


I've a fairly simple directory structure like this:









 \<backup files>


\Audio Disks

\HD Audio




I want my backups to go to one drive only, and never spread across drives.  The rest can smear across drives as they like.

So, here's how I've set up my user shares:


Share Name Backups Downloads Movies Music TV
Allocation Method: Most-Free High-Water Fill-Up High-water Fill-up
Min. Free Space: 10000000 500000 16000000 4000 2000000
Split Level: 1 <blank> 2 <blank> 4
Included disk(s) Disk4 Disk4 <blank> <blank> <blank>
Excluded disk(s) <blank> <blank> Disk4 Disk4 Disk4
Use cache disk: No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Export (SMB): Export read/write Export read/write Export read/write Export read/write Export read/write
Export (NFS): <blank> <blank> <blank> <blank> <blank>


Here's the problem: Disk 4 has 204 blocks free now, and backups are spilling over to other drives (Disk3, Disk5 and Disk7 so far).  There are Movies, Music, and TV folders in Disk 4 even though I've explicitly excluded those folders from disk 4.  Windows backup is complaining that the 'drive is full'.  


I've seen other people scratch their heads on this one, so now I'm wondering if this is a bug, or is it more a case of user-error?


Any suggestions how I can configure shares to keep the other stuff off Disk 4, and leave Disk 4 to only Backups and Downloads?  I purposely kept it simple so that I could trouble shoot, but yikes, this should not be this hard! ???



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Our set ups have a lot in common. I don't have the problems that you are seeing. On the shares that are confined to a single disk I have used most-free or high-water as the allocation method, I don't think it matters. I did set the min user space to zero though.


To try to get your allocation working again I would move the data that has leaked to the wrong disk to where it belongs. Personally, I use the command line for stuff like this:


mv -v /mnt/disk4/Movies /mnt/disk5


Of course Teracopy and Midnight Commander work well too. In the end, make sure that the root of disk4 only has Backups and Downloads, and that the other seven disks do not contain Backups and Downloads. I would then reboot, just to be safe, but at least stop and start the array.


As an aside, I think you need to decrement your split levels by one though, eg. Movies should be 1 not 2.

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I'm following your suggestion and moving everything to off of disk4 that I don't want there.  I'm also doing some house cleaning to make sure that the other drives don't have extraneous backup or download directories that could confuse the mover.


Now, some house cleaning and then we'll move some more files over and see what happens. :)

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