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Hello everyone,


I have recently upgraded my server and in the process, have migrated my Unraid instance to run inside Proxmox as a VM (uses PCI passthrough for HBA and NVMe drives). My thinking is that this would still give me all of the functionality I love from unraid regarding data storage and access, but also allow me to have a much more robust hypervisor than what Unraid supports. 


When I first boot up the Unraid VM, everything appears to be working without issue. However, after some variable amount of time (typically 20-45 minutes), the network interface becomes unavailable. I am unable to load the web GUI or access any of the SMB shares. However, I am able to access the shell via the VM's video out. 


Using the shell, I can see that the eth0 interface is still up and still can be pinged. From the Unraid VM I can also successfully ping my router as well as see in my pfsense web gui that the static IP is still assigned, valid, and connected. During all of these steps, the Unraid web GUI remains unavailable. However, whenever I ping my client computer's IP address, the Unraid GUI becomes available moments after the ping successfully begins returning data. Possibly just a coincidence, but seems to be a surefire way to regain access at the moment. 


I have attached the logs. One line in particular that seems like it may be relevant is :

Apr  1 13:58:46 NAS ntpd[1459]: no peer for too long, server running free now

This line can be observed around the same time the web gui becomes inaccessible.  I'd be curious if this has anything to do with the problem I'm experiencing. 


Thanks in advance for any support.

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I don't believe so. In my pfsense router I have assigned a static IP to the virtual machine's mac address. Additionally, the two other VMs I have don't have any issues with connectivity. I would expect these issues to be occurring on both machines with duplicated IP addresses if this were the problem. But happy to hear an alternative perspective if that's not how these kinds of things work. 

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