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Delay to open files after 6.12.8 Update

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Hello to all and thanks in advance for any info you might share here. I have an Hp 350 Gen 8 server to the office and it serves files to around 10-12 ppl via a gigabit network. We use a shared folder (SMB) that we map to each computer and inside we have mutliple subfolders and files. We store acad, pdf, xlsx files mostly and also we work on them directly over the network. I also run a Windows 10 VM that helps me connect to the office and do spesific things. All this time this scenario was working perfectly fine but after i updated to 6.12.8 i am experiencing the issue of clicking a folder on the server and it might open fast but it might take up to 40-60 secs to open. Even all this time i had an ssd ment to be a cache drive i didnt use it to cache our main work folder because everything was working perfect.

Until now i have checked network and it works fine because if a folder opens i get the max speed of a gigabit network when i transfer a file. I also tested with iperf and it is ok. I checked the drives for any issues and i comes back clear. I created a diagnostics file but i dont know where to look and what. Any ideas what is the issue ?


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Likely unrelated but you should still correct this:


Apr  2 00:01:34 Skynet kernel: br0: received packet on eth0 with own address as source address (addr:9c:8e:99:56:29:1e, vlan:0)


Not seeing any other relevant errors logged, and don't remember any similar reports, from which release did you update?

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19 minutes ago, morfeus said:

Any ideas how to stop the error you spotted?

It's a network configuration issue, but not really a network guy.


20 minutes ago, morfeus said:

I will try to remember

If you go to Tools - Downgrade it should show.


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JorgeB sorry i updated to 6.12.9 the moment it was out so now it says the previous was 6.12.8 of course. Is there a way to check before that? Also i will check the network issue because it might be the cause of my issue here and a million thanks you pointed it out.

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