Unable to access network shares if VM is turned on

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Hey all, I just upgraded the NIC in my Unraid server and things have been working just fine until today. As of right now, the computer I typically use to access unraid locally (using hostname) as well as VM's is having issues connecting to everything like it did before.

Here's the scenario:

Unraid is running, VM is off > I can access the net gui as well as network shares

Unraid is running, VM is on > I can no longer access network shares from any computer, may lose access to unraid net gui, may lose ability to RDP (if I can't rdp I can use VNC, if I lose the GUI I can RDP).


The failure scenario keep changing each time I start and stop the VM.


Notes on the network: set to br0, only one ethernet port is selected to be active, it's a 10g connection.
Server has a static IP address


Any ideas on what I can try? This is getting ridiculous and I'm very confused as to why things were fine for about a week and now I'm running into issue after issue.



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You should post your system's diagnostics zip file in your next post in this thread to get more informed feedback.  It is always a good idea to post this if your question might involve us seeing how you have things set up or to look at recent logs.


I wonder if as a result of your recent hardware change the IDs of passed through hardware have changed and you are now passing through the new NIC to a VM? 

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Here's the diagnostics file.

I initially needed to pass through the nic to the VM (really two) to flash the firmware and unlock it to use any SFP. Other than that I am no longer passing through either of the Nic's (there's two on the single card) to any vm.

I made a change and ended having to delete my network.cfg so here's where things are sitting after disabling the undesired Ethernet ports.


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Looks like it's only happening with this particular vm (the one with the name "...Win11 - Windows 11". Checked the form view and other parameters and I can not for the life of me figure out why this is happening with this VM.

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Definitely a problem with the VM, not sure why it's happening though. I scrapped it and created a new vm, no more problems.

One interesting tidbit I found, I made sure not to pass through the NIC but for some reason the VM was still seeing it. All other VM's including the new one aren't having that issue and this was a simple rebuild of the VM (if only I had snapshotting)

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