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Antec 1200 vs Norco 4220 with respect to noise level for a 20-drive build


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Hi Guys,

Anyone have any experience with Antec 1200 and Norco 4220? I want to build a 20-drive system but since I am going to keep the unRAID server in my office, I would like to make it as silent as possible. If going with Norco, I would be replacing the stock fans with 120mm x 3 and fanplate. I would also replace the rear fans with some silent ones (I am assuming 120mm will not fit back there).


I understand that Norco is loud even with 120mm fans but how loud compared to "normal PC"?


Any opinions either way?



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If they are too thick you just mount them on the other side of the fanwall like I did,same result!

I'd go for Noctuas PWM or Coolink PWM fans.

I have:

Fans: 3x Coolink Swif2-120P PWM and 2x Coolink Swif2-80P PWM 'Silent whisper fans'

as these were in stock where I bought my Norco! Very happy with them


As they mostly run @ 50% the only fan you hear is the intel stock fan, they keep my case cool between 28-38°C



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