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  1. After further investigation seems to be a failing drive because I tried to copy the huge file to a different HDD in the same PC and it fails too!
  2. Have same problem, cut/paste some huge files onto my Unraid server and after copy the folders are empty!
  3. Does this version have a NFS problem? Upgraded from 5.0.5 to latest beta and Kodi doesn't see what's in the media folder although Kodi sees the NFS server. Need some help or I need to rescan 58tb of movies using SMB! Thanks!
  4. Updated but still says not working! Do I need to reboot server? EDIT : Rebooting fixed the problem!
  5. yeah but I always get error : MediaInfo Version:NOT WORKING
  6. OK Thanks! Can't seem to find the thread for manual install Mediainfo, not even with search!
  7. I'd probably put them somewhere on cache drive as well, otherwise it will redownload them every time after a server reboot. There is an issue with MediaInfo. I don't remember what, unfortunately. I think you have to manually install it. Where Do I find the thread concerning media info? THanks! Now get error when specify custom paths: Config directory located on physical drive Images directory does not exist Cache directory does not exist Metadata directory does not exist Transcode directory does not exist
  8. I changed the config dir to /mnt/cache/Embyserver/ProgramData-Server and is fine now! What do I do with: Custom images directory: ? Custom cache directory: ? Custom metadata directory: ? Custom transcode directory: ? Do I leave install dir to: /usr/local/Embyserver ? Also get error : MediaInfo Version:NOT WORKING
  9. Everything is now installed under /usr/local/Embyserver/ so how do I install it on a cache drive, I have a 60GB ssd where I want to install it to! thanks!
  10. Stupid question but I'm new to the docker thingy and just reinstalled my server to latest beta. Want to run all my kodi clients with centralized library using Emby but am confused. There is an Emby plugin and Emby docker....I installed Emby server plugin but in the morning after boot everything from setup was gone and I needed to refill all details! What's the difference between the docker and plugin version? Why do I keep losing setup details? Thanks!
  11. Try this: Run the make_bootable script/batch file If in Windows XP, double-click make_bootable (make_bootable.bat). It should open a DOS window, and run syslinux.exe. If in Windows 7 or later, right-click on make_bootable (make_bootable.bat) and select Run as Administrator. If using a Mac, double-click the file make_bootable_mac and enter your admin password when prompted. Note: during the process of running this script, the flash device may seem to disappear and reappear. I surmise you will also have to run as Administrator on Win10. EDIT: It has been a long time since I did this but I seem to remember that you do have to hit the 'Enter' key at least one time in the DOS window. Very strange but somehow needed to readd my usb stick as boot option in bios mobo, previously was UEFI USB stick, now only works as USB Stick, bizarre as its the same system, same internal USB header and same stick! Nothing had changed except me formatting the stick! So solved! Thanks
  12. Stupid question but I followed the procedure and stick doesn't seem to boot, bios detects it but it doesn't boot! Formatted on Win10 system to fat32. Thanks!
  13. No. The only requirement is that the parity drives must be as large or larger than the largest data drive. In fact I do not think that the parity drives even need to be the same size as long as they meet that requirement. You are going to have to rebuild parity to switch to the larger size parity disk, but that is the only consideration. If you want the array to remain protected at all times then you can switch one to 4 TB (or add it as a second parity if you do not already have dual parity) and then do the other one afterwards. Takes longer but is safer. Does it matter where I put the parity disk? I have one on my flashed IBM M1015 but would be using the second parity disk on my 2/3 controller. Could also move parity to mobo sata controller!
  14. Noob question here.... So I'm planning to change my virtualized Unraid 5.0.5 and ZFS to barebone Unraid 6.2.0 with docker. All my disks are 2TB and 3TB drives but am planning to change my 3TB parity to 2x 4TB parity. Do I need to convert my drives also?