[Solved] Think i erased all data?

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Hey guys, so i wanted to remove 2 drives from my setup. I unassigned them and did the initconfig command thinking that this would just remove the two assigned drives and rebuild parity on the current drives.


Though it seems that it reset the whole list making all drives needing to be added, i added the parity drive and then it disappeared. I probably have done something bad lol. Trying to remove those two drives as they not gonna be replaced.

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Alright, also i rebooted the machine cause i added parity before, but its still showing only one hdd on all the drop down boxes, all others hdds dissapeared. Reboot again?


If you are not seeing any drives on the drop down slots on the devices tab, then something else is wrong.

You may have knocked the controller out of the slot or something.


login via telnet and do a ls -l /dev/disk/by-id to see what drives are detected.

You may want to post a syslog.


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you can put drive 5 in any position that suits your needs.

However if you have defined any mappings from a windows workstation to \\tower\disk5\ then that will need to be remapped.


You will need to check the first (main) page after you click start.


If drives appear unformatted, then something went wrong if the same drives are put in the same place.



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Im confused on your last sentence, so its not supposed to look like the above if the drives are in the right spot?

Alright started it and its doing a parity check again, yet drive 3 and 4 say not installed and grey, will it disappear? fine to remove the hdds for good?


EDIT: actually kinda of pointless now, i ordered some hdds 10 mins ago so wasnt really needed, atleast i can put the old ones to use right away.


Thanks for your help, much appreciated. I reckon they should update the faq, doesnt mention anything about adding drives and starting. May seem simple but to me it made me worry lol.

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