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files being saved as userid:users instead of nobody:users


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OK...trying to understand the security model.


My UserShares are set as Public

Sage Server (userid added to unraid) moves recordings to Tower and the file ownership is Sage server userid:users instead of nobody:users

Thought that as Public, all should be saved as nobody:users


If I happen to try and access the file from another machine, I sometimes run into permission issues.

If I chown nobody:users on the file, I no longer have an issue.


So what do I need to do so that files are saved as nobody:users, no matter what computer or VM creates the file on Tower?



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I have the same problem. I am actually been just using root user on all computers. This seems to work well on Windows OS, but on my OSX computers I am getting access restriction problems to files even when logged on as root... If I run the script to change owner to nobody it works well on the OSX.

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