Networking problem - unRAID newb

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Hi All,


I set up my unRAID share and at first I could see the server in my network folder. However, now I cannot see it at all. I can play movies off the server from XBMC so I know that my computer can access the server but I am unsure why I am not seeing it as a share in the network folder now? I'm guessing this is an easy "problem" to fix but I cannot figure out why I saw it before but don't see it now.





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This has to do with what computer has been elected "master browser" I believe. UnRAID can be set to become this but honesty I've always found going through the network browser unreliable.


Try simply typing your server name in a file explorer path bar like this -> \servername and see if that brings it up. Unc pathing has always worked well for me - I seldom bother to map drives. If the name doesn't work \ipaddrrss should for sure :-)

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Just a quick note that there is anther solution to this problem without enabling SMB1. Microsoft has replaced SMB with "Function Discovery" (in a manner of speaking) and there is a daemon / script that enables that for Linux.


I have "Instructions" in the thread here: 



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