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SMB Security Settings, Private allow all users access if all set to No Access


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This seems a very basic thing... not sure if this is already a known issue, but I did tried to search on the forum and couldn't really find a similar report...


Using 5.0-rc8a, on "SMB Security Settings" for an user share, if we set "Security" as "Private" and leave all users as "No Access" then all users (existing on the unraid server... not guests...) can access that share as read-only.


Looking at smb-shares.conf it gets set like this:

path = /mnt/user/nars
comment = 
browseable = no
# Private
writeable = no
read list = 
write list = 
valid users =  


I guess because "valid users" is empty then it's like it is not there at all? and then it isn't in fact like "private"... think this may be misleading for anyone that for eg. had a share set as private and then temporarily wants to refuse all access to a share and sets all users as "No Access" instead of just disabling the export... then it will have just the opposite effect and all users will be able to access it in fact... maybe better not export the share at all if user doesn't set at least one user to access the share, when in private mode, if no better option?

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