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"Tower of Song" - My virtualized 24-bay Unraid server - x-case 424, X9SCM-iiF

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Let me introduce my newly built server: "Tower of Song".






PSU I already have:

SeaSonic X760 (SS-760KM) 760W ATX12V V2.3/EPS 12V V2.91, 80Plus Gold Certified, Active PFC Power Supply - no price since I already had this one




24-bay-Hotswap-rackmount-chassis-norco-RPC-4224-p/case-xcase-rm424  424€




Supermicro-X9SCM-IIF 198€




Intel Xeon E3-1240V2 - 3,4GHz Box Sockel 1155 237€




2 x Kingston 8 GB ECC DDR3 DIMM SDRAM KVR16E11/8 130€




Supermicro-Add-on-Card-AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 102€


It added up to 1091 €. That is roughly 1450 $ for all hardware except PSU and HDD's. I will have to add one or more HBA's once I grow past the HDD limit, which is by the end of the week. I will research my options. I would like to have a more supported once this time around. The SAS2LP works, but is listed as unknown in Esxi and is giving a bit of poor performance atm in unRaid.


I won't list the HDD's as it will be a mix of old and new ones. Right now I have two WD Reds in there, as I am in testing mode and making sure that everything is working 100% before I start to migrate my data over to the new server.


Here are a couple of pictures of the build process. I got caught up in the process after I installed the CPU so I forgot to take more pictures:


Motherboard is installed:




Time to install the CPU:




A box is fun to have, I had a little helper when building:




Close-up on the CPU socket:




Close-up on the backplane:




RAM and PSU are added:




Forgot to take more pictures.. this is the end-product:




Next post will be about the software and esxi, and after that some challenges regarding the build.


I will also edit and update these original posts with more information as I go along.

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So all is well it seem, but I am wondering, what kind of performance is ok?


I am looking at 40-60 MB read to a vm win7 on the same machine:




But.. looking at 15-22 MB write to unRaid box:




Is this normal? Subpar? Over par?




If it is subpar, what should I be looking at?

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What version of unRAID, etc? Is the Win7 a vm? How much RAM for unRAID and Win7? Which drives are you using? Two reds and ...?  What is parity on? A cache drive? You'll want to post details if you want help.

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