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  1. c3

    Oldest Drive

    I have hundreds, maybe thousands, of Seagate MOOS running, that's 7+ years of power on, up to 9 years.
  2. c3

    My first hobby “TOWER”

    Most controllers can raid 1 across n number of drives, n>1. The odd blocks go to drive+1, even to drive-1. They do this because the rebuild and performance is better. Any non adjacent drives can fail. Mirroring stripes is also a performance advantage. Striping mirrors is the lowest performance config. Optimized striping for rebuild and performance
  3. c3

    Few questions after take off.

    I manage 5+PB of storage for media files (Quantum and Primestream) and unRAID is not in the game for read or write speed requirements.
  4. c3

    Few questions after take off.

    zfs can use the ssd cache. zfs is probably the speed king if you are looking for fastest. There are plenty of other reasons why unRAID is popular, but speed is not one.
  5. c3

    Hot Spare functionality?

    You need to decide which factor is your primary concern, data durability (data loss), or data availability. As mentioned backups dramatically improve data durability. But if you are after data availability, you'll need to handle all the hardware factors power supplies (as mentioned), memory (ECC and DIMM fail/sparing), cooling, and probably networking (lacp, etc). The sparing process can be scripted. As a subject matter expert, and your vast experience, this will be straight forward. Perl and python are available in the Nerd Tools. This may allow you to worry less while working. However, I am not sure it would be "hot" as the array must shutdown to reassign the drive. You could implement NetApp's maintenance garage function, to test, and then resume or fail the drive.
  6. c3

    Ping watchdog of some sort?

    This might be overkill, but it simple and does what you ask. https://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/
  7. The oncomand strips? popsicle sticks down the sides? I think the velcro would work, those sata connectors are not that much force.
  8. 4224? All I can think of it to shutdown and completely unplug it. Then carefully take it apart. The drives may come out of the caddy, and the you have to pull the drive itself.
  9. c3

    $90 Xeon E5-2670 2.6Ghz (8cores / 16threads)

    natex is real and they do have good deals, which often run out.
  10. What workload are you expecting to require such bandwidth, and thus invalidate using the expander chassis?
  11. c3

    Managed Switches

    Hard to beat the used Dell market for home switches, but they can be loud. I ran one with fans unplugged for 5+ years, never died, just upgraded to POE. 24port $52 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-PowerConnect-5424-24-Port-Gigabit-Ethernet-Switch-4SFP-M023F/372102804664?epid=1808131533&hash=item56a30e34b8:g:WFUAAOSw1JVZ5j6Z 24port+POE+10G $150 https://www.ebay.com/itm/DELL-PowerConnect-5524P-POE-24-port-Gigabit-Managed-Layer-3-Switch-2-SFP-ports/152999060231?epid=1430486060&hash=item239f746307:g:xFMAAOSwdIBa4lRQ
  12. c3

    6TB Toshiba X300 2 year warranty $112.99

    Good, fast, hot
  13. That is a great idea! It would be a simple plugin to gather, anonymize, and ship the data. I already have a system which tracks millions of drives, so a baby clone of that could be used. It could be frontended with a page showing population statistics. I wonder how many would opt-in to share drive information from unRAID servers?
  14. c3

    Helium Drives

    Exactly, there is no performance play in the 8+TB drive business. Same as to where all the 10k and 15k drives are gone.
  15. c3

    Helium Drives

    Helium does reduce the power, (as covered in the WD blog) so much that it is well below traditional drive, even with more platters. It's not an either or. They do run hot, mostly because the lack of airflow in the traditional drive space. The 8 and 9 platter drives just dont leave any room for air flow.