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Hi guys,


I've had my unRaid server running for almost 3 years now, a couple days ago I came home to find the tower inaccessible thru mapped drives or the web config, the tower is also no longer showing up on my router


Checking the box and running the ifconfig eth0 returns no ip address


What could have happened? The last operation I was doing (which I probably shouldn't do and rarely have done) was ripping a DVD using Handbrake directly to one of the drives.. this was in the morning, coming home from work and could no longer access the tower


Before I run out and buy a ethernet card, can someone take a peak at my syslog?




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Syslog shows the hardware is detected, just not establishing link. If it's not the cable, then it might be the port on the router? You'll probably have to play around with things to give it (mobo ethernet) the best chance to establish link with a known good port.


If that fails maybe there's some other hardware testing tool for RealTek hardware. Or, try a LiveCD or USB version of Linux and to determine if the hardware's fried.


At that point you'll probably have to try an expansion card NIC.

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I should add that when this happened, I came home and found that my main pc had rebooted so it's likely there was a quick power interruption during the day and all my hardware was rebooted.. maybe in there something zapped the ethernet port on the motherboard


The cable I swapped to was my spare I use to plug in for quick testing of laptops etc. so was on a different port than what the unraid server is typically on, but I'll try playing with other ports just to make sure something on the switch isn't gone funky


I guess a nic card is cheap enough to give a try.. I'm assuming when I put one in I should disable the on board port?

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