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I'm trying to move files from one share to another and I an error "File Access Denied" saying I need nobody permission to make changes to files.


I moved the files from external hdd using the midnight command.


I tried running the fix permission utility with no luck.


Do I need to set the permission manually every time I mount a USB drive?


I'm using unRAID 5.0.4



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Okay at a pc now:

Use chown to change the users to nobody

chown nobody:users

Add -R if it is a directory and you want it to apply to all files

chown -R nobody:users directory

See how that goes.


If you also need to mod permissions:

chmod XXX

XXX is the octal that you need. 777  will work for everything but you probably don't need quite that much.

Read this, it will explain it pretty well.

-R after chomd for recursive to apply to all files.



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