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Just added another HDD in my system formatted with XFS FS.

As a result, the Mymain is reporting the HDD as "unmounted (non-array) disk".

The disk is in perfect working order, the main menu is reporting it normal just Mymain.

Here are some screenshots.






Weird. Can you run the command:

/root/mdcmd status|strings >/boot/strings.txt


And then post the strings.txt file that will be in your flash share (e.g., //tower/flash).


What version of unRaid are you running?

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Thanks for your answer bjp.

I am running 6 beta-15.

Please kindly find attached the strings.txt file.




Not seeing anything unusual. Did you try restarting unmenu?


The only think I can think of is that the drive was somehow interpreted as both an array and non-array drive, like something was cached.


Try restarting and if it doesn't help, post back and we can try more tests.

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Dear bjp999, after many restarts and drive cage slot exchange, the situation with the above issue remains unsolved. Do you have any other ideas to try? The issue doesn't hurt but it would be nice if can be cured.

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I have looked through the code and not understanding what is causing this.


I have made a lot of enhancements and trying to wrap it up and send an update. Maybe I could send to you ahead of schedule and see if it clears up your problem.

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