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  1. Dear johnnie.black, Thank you very much for your reply. You are right. The disc was the problem. Once the 3tb has been passed the rebuild went with full speed. Although some really weird results. I have already rebuild successfully Disk3 and decided to preclear the faulty disc. To my surprise the preclear went smoothly reaching almost 120MB/sec. I haven't noticed any change in the parameters mentioned earlier after the preclear. I have decided to give it a try and again put it under operation in the array. The results were similar. So this disk is obviously dead now. Thank you also mentioning my full discs explaining the warnings in the log. I'll make sure to free up some space according to your recommendation. Best regards
  2. First thanks in advance for your input. Due to its age (more than 7 years old), one of my disks reported some reallocated sectors and has been replaced with a brand new WD40PURZ. Initially the rebuild started with unusual slow speed of 30 MB/s only to find out that it additionally slowed down to 3-4 MB/s. One of the other drives in the array (disk3-3tb) is showing concerning smart results as well (read raw errors) and scheduled to be exchanged next. While rebuilding I can see disk3 doubled the read raw errors. Both Disk1 and Disk3 are connected to 16 port LSI controller and sharing the same SFF cable. It deserved to be mentioned that during the disk exchange I haven't moved any cables as drive cages are involved. All cables in the system are Supermicro branded and seated properly. The PSU is 850W Corsair. The parity drive is connected to the MB Sata controller. 16 of the array disks are connected to a 16 port LSI controller and 2 disks to a Dell Perc H310. My usual parity check speeds were close to 130-140 MB/s. Can I blame disk3 to be the bottleneck (due to read raw errors) or this is more like a controller/cable/PSU related issue? Unraid 6.8.2 Diagnostics attached. unraid-diagnostics-20200307-1753.zip
  3. Balena Etcher (or similar application) would be very useful for people who have card-readers installed in their rigs. https://www.balena.io/etcher/
  4. Thanks for your input. May I exclude a disk/cable issue as the rebuilding process (with the same disk) finished successfully?
  5. Hi there, In need of some help here. During the scheduled monthly parity check one of the disks has thrown a bunch of errors and consequently disabled by the system. The disk has passed the short smart self test and then successfully rebuilt by the parity. The system is in a working state now. Due to change of the temperature environment of the place (it is now 22 degrees Celsius) first guess was that I am facing a heat related issue. It deserves to be mentioned the SAS controller is installed next to a DVB-S card which by default runs hot. Would appreciate any comments regarding to the situation and what was the trigger of this event. Diagnostics file attached. Hardware configuration in my signature. Thank you very much in advance. unraid-diagnostics-20200116-0748.zip
  6. Hi guys, here for sale is a Dell Perc H310 (flashed to IT mode). - price is 50 euros. No longer needed as upgraded with 16 port controller. I can ship anywhere in the world. Please send me your destination and I will check the shipping cost with the post. Best regards.
  7. Wow...Just wow. Thank you very much for your efforts. It looks lovely.
  8. Hello Mex. Yes, 6 drive cages version (3 from every side) would be great. Please kindly find attached the closeup of the logo you requested (and sorry for the dust). Best regards.
  9. Dear Mex, It would be great if you could make an icon for Lian Li PC-343B case with 6 Supermicro 5x3 cages. Currently have only 4 but soon the free 5,25 slots will be populated to the fullest. Thanks in advance. BR
  10. Dear Squid. I would just like to confirm that following your advise resulted to a fully working system. Once again, thanks for the support.
  11. Dear Squid, I appreciate your help very much. Thank you. No error messages with this additional path mapping. I will wait till tomorrow when new downloads are scheduled and will report here for the sake of good order.
  12. Thank you Squid. I understand. I will switch to transmission docker. Could you please let me know what you mean to map /mnt to /mnt in Sonar container. I do not see such setting. Do I need to add a custom path? Sorry for the newbie question.
  13. The transmission is a plugin. Not a docker. Here is a screenshot. Do I need to have transmission as a docker?