Backup of files to USB drive


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Suggest inbuilt capability to connect USB3 drive to server and backup a segment of the filestore to the external drive as backup.


As we know, RAID shouldn't be about backup, but as it stands it's hard work to extract large portions of the filestore to achieve a backup from the TBs of files.


If you want an NFTS formatted USB3 drive as backup (and backup over a network would be painful, so physical connection is indicated) you have to manually setup mounting of an NTFS file system, and then use something like Midnight Commander or Rsync to manually specify and copy the files across.


Would be better to be able to connect an external drive, have UNRAID work out the FS and mount, and then be able to specify copying of a segment of the total FS to the drive as offline backup. In addition would be v. useful if it could sync to an already created version of the backup (eg copy only changes).


With a nice webGUI, of course  ;)

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