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  1. Tis said no. Take out the old chip, put in the new. You will likely have to upgrade the BIOS, so you'll need the old chip to get that done first, but you could then sell the old chip for some cash. Rough guess is it won't go incompatible till 2021, with PCIe 4 and DDR5, but obviously nothing is guaranteed. AMD have a good track record though.
  2. Worth considering that the AMD AM4 board will support new CPUs up until 2020. That's two new generations of chips (Zen 2 & Zen 3) past the current, down to 7nm. The desktop Ryzen chips will likely hit 16 cores (maybe only 12) with the 7nm switch next year. So if you are looking for upgradability then an $85 B450 board will do you for a number of years. Intel is very unlikely to even get close, and certainly not at sane prices. PS The Threadripper 2 is a more expensive design, but will hit 32 cores.
  3. Whatever happened to this? It's been about 6 months since the original call, but no logo has (obviously at least) appeared. Even graphic designers aren't that slow, so did this get thrown into the 'too hard' pile?
  4. That's fine by me sir, glad you liked it. I wonder when the tame designer lime employed is going to come back with their finalised efforts? And I wonder how many will say "oh no, I preferred ...."
  5. One last, very cut down attempt, not busy, from a free font
  6. OK, since people were saying nice things, I gave it another half hour. Tweaked the text into an actual path, stylised it, bolted in Lev's box concept for container/disks. Also put the 'un' chain with the U at a slightly jaunty angle which looks a bit better methinks. Still not right, too busy and quickly lashed up, but might help on the ideas front. Also tried some B&W, ico, and NAS box example other looks.
  7. If you want the marketing bull, the U & N are supposed to be reminiscent of interlocking chain, and thus subconsciously remind people of security - and can also be abstract enough to run as a icon in it's own right. Or otherwise, in practical terms, it's something to do with U and the N since otherwise they can unbalance things. As I said this was pretty much slapped together - and the RAID part isn't right. Doesn't want to be too busy, and the idea was to merge serifs to give a 'continuous flow', which could be accentuated. But it could certainly also be very diffe
  8. OK, this is more slapped together on photohsop to illustrate some concepts rather than anything deliverable - would obviously take more on the rendered elements and tailoring text into something unique - but hey, what do you expect for free !
  9. Sound good ! There were tutorials in the docker engine fora, but not sure exactly where the best one is now. Worth asking the question over there for pointers, I don't think they bite. Maybe for templates ...
  10. Seems like an Asterisk/PBX docker is something that quite a few would like, but nobody has got to the idiot proof app stage. Personally I'm looking for something that can talk to various VoIP services, and to an ATA. Anyone with any pointers?
  11. Yay! My procrastination in not upgrading from 6.1.6 wins again. Saying that, I'm not touching this till version .1 has been around a while.
  12. Definitely something screwy on the upload of PNGs. Even with the right size, etc. it refused to work unless I reached in with an SSH session and forced it. Probably need to also mod to give a subtle white outline to the logo/text - otherwise it disappears against a dark background.
  13. I'm running a N36L microserver, thus an AMD AthlonII Neo with 6.1.6 (don't trust betas). Nominally runs at 1.3Ghz, but in the dashboard it shows 800Mhz on idle cores (slowest state). So, either it's only in the betas, or it's not all AMD chips.
  14. You can also use 'Unbalance', which is now a plugin, to shift subdirectories around between disks with a web GUI.
  15. Having just done 5 > 6 I followed the "Restore saved configuration files" section and copied across the .cfg and config/shares, etc. stuff - and it all worked with no reassignment necessary. I think this also is supposed to work for 4.7?