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I'm Doing Something Wrong


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Hey guys - I feel like I'm doing something wrong with Dockers, and they just aren't clicking for me for everything.


A few apps, like Headphones and Mylar, I couldn't get to update - so I switched to the Plugins on those. The question I currently have though now is with the Headless Kodi app. I can't get my AdvancedSettings.xml to stay.


I feel like this is a bigger issue I have with my Dockers than anything else, and it's almost 100% PEBKAC. I can give whatever logs are needed, and I promised I tried searching - I just started on them a little bit ago and want to like them more than Plugins, but the "little things" are making it hard for me to understand.


To give context, I have a 60GB SSD I host my Plugins and Docker (images and config) that is managed outside of my array via SNAP v6.


Thanks in advance for any help. I have a two year old kiddo that takes up most of my time after work, so while I may not be *super* responsive to any updates / offers of help, I am *super* appreciative to any advice.


Thanks again!

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