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  1. Is there a location to change the User Agent? Apologies, I couldn't find the option and it seems like it "should" (?) exist in the Config. Set custom user agent #924 @@ -414,6 +414,8 @@ class="btn btn-primary">Next step</button></a> <br>This will open a chat 'log_retention_period_description' => 'Number of days to keep logs of notifications and archives of server uptime. Enter 0 to disable log cleanup.', 'log_retention_days' => 'days', 'user_agent' => 'User Agent', 'user_agent_key_note' => 'Custom user agent used
  2. @gamer1pc: try this, it got the Memory Tweak I was having issues with to work. I modified the config.json file using Midnight Commander. It originally ended like this: "worker" : "unraid" } "worker" is no longer the last config option, so add a comma to the end and the new switches after. "worker" : "unraid", "mt" : 4 } I don't know for certain, but I'd try something like this (put your worker information in the <name> variable, if applicable): "worker" : "<name>", "c" : "LTC", "mc" : "FIRO" } I'm getting some reject
  3. Also looking for this. @PTRFRLL - is there something simple I'm missing? I keep getting barked at if I put --mt 4 or --mt=4 in the Extra Parameters, and can't figure out where else to make the change. EDIT: Solution below.
  4. If you're going from physical disk to physical disk, I haven't noticed a speed increase worth the hassle! Obviously do what you want, but I have found that doing things the recommended way saves me a bunch of time... mostly because I have to end up doing it the recommended way at the end of the day, anyway!
  5. I use binhex's DeglugeVPN docker, because I don't use any torrent client without a VPN. This one has leak guard and a few other things that make it work well. Works with Sonarr and Radarr, I have it set to copy the torrent upon completion to the actual shares, and leave the torrent in the download folder until a 2.0 ratio has been met. Once that ratio is met, it will delete the torrent and data from Deluge. Edit: have you checked the logs to see if any errors or warnings stand out to you? Here is a picture of my setup:
  6. I'm not personally aware, but is there a reason you don't want to rebuild? The data is available as its rebuilding, it's not like it shuts the entire system out like it used to, if I recall. (Note: I totally understand your train of thought, and I'm not trying to *not* answer your question. Only trying to figure out if it's worth it for you to shut the array down, remove the drive, have it unprotected if another drive fails while you have the 4TB out, etc. I've found that it rebuilds it pretty quickly, but everyone's mileage may vary)
  7. Hi team - I'm running into errors with my cache pool and the docker.img, but can't figure out how to reformat / rebuild the parity. I promise I did a search and tried to do whatever I could before posting here, but I haven't been able to figure this out. I have two 1TB SSD drives in the btrfs pool. Useful(?) Information: I've tried changing the format type to anything other than btrfs, but it won't allow me to do so in the Cache Drive drop-down. My only options are auto, btrfs, btrfs (encrypted). Had reiserfs errors on another array drive, and was able to rebuild that
  8. Samesies here. I got a DMCA notice for the first time ever so I went to check on it and restart. It didn't work, so I decided it was as good of time to ever to update to 6.6.6, did that and still having the same issue you are.
  9. For anyone out there with similar issues, the BTRFS fix worked for me.
  10. Thnx, man. Appreciate it. I'll give that a whirl and report back. At least I can do that remotely!
  11. Thanks for that. I did it once at the very beginning of the mounting process, and it created the zip successfully. I tried creating it again, a little later in the mount (which still wasn't working), and PuTTY locked up. I lost the connection to my server. I've turned off my Dockers, I've loaded Unassigned Devices before starting the array, I've updated all the other apps I can think of. I have to head out of town for work for a couple of days, so thank you for any help (my wife appreciates it more, since anything I can finish before I leave she'll be able to use ;-)).
  12. Since my machine locks up at the mounting phase (Unassigned Drives and the Flash drive mount still work), I don't know which log to get. The ones I see in my "logs" folder, via the "Flash" share, all look really old. Is there a path or file name I should be looking for?
  13. Upgraded to 6.3.5, unable to get past the mounting phase without it locking up now. Forgot to check here first. I'll add my logs a little later, already spent too long on a day off on this (but I wanted to report it at the very least!).