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Disk read error - Next steps?

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Hi all, looking for a bit of help regarding what looks like a failing disk.

My Unraid setup as been running around 30 months without fault. Hardware is HP Proliant N40L with 3 data 1 parity. On release 5.0.6.

The last disk was only added this January and is a new 2GB WD Green EZRX. Preclear was OK. This is disk3 and is the one now giving me problems. For a week or so Unraid has been freezing on file transfers, sometimes locking out the GUI. I managed to catch the syslog and noticed the disk3 errors in there. Ran smartctl short test which failed. I re-seated the drive which is in a caddy. Initially this seemed to work however a long test has since failed and more errors are appearing in the log.

I'm not sure whether the disk is faulty ( it's only 3 months old ) or there's a problem with the interface. Can anybody tell from the log/smart report? I wouldn't want to scrap a good disk.






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