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APCUPSD UPS Status Unknown

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trying to get the APCUPSD plugin to produce the status of my UPS


It is a Ablerex Vestas VT1500


I beleive the settings should be usb/usb


Looking for some pointers or some help to a trouble shooting guide


It seems like when I run the plugin it will state running but my ups status is unknown

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I've done a little searching, and I find NUT support for it, but no reports of APC working with it.  Had you heard or read somewhere that it might work with the APC software?


As you probably know, APCUPSD only works with those UPS units that support the APC signaling protocols.  NUT support is on the Roadmap, for a future unRAID release, should support almost all of the rest of the UPS units.

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The UPS documentation is very lacking. 


The Unit is an Ablerex VT PRO 1.5K---http://www.ablerex.com.tw/products_4.php?bgid=1&mgid=3&sgid=58


Smart RS-232 interface for power management

USB Compatible

Interface Interface Type USB(RS232 optional)


It has a USB port and no serial.  It seems the ethernet/phone connectors are for surge protection only from what I am reading




True RS232 Communication Protocol.

The true RS232 type offers bi-directional signals for smart Monitor,

remote on/off, etc.. Their Pin assignments are as below.

PC Side Description VT1000/1500

Tx P#3

Rx 2

Ground 5

DTR 4&6



I am getting


Tower apcupsd[1735]: apcupsd FATAL ERROR in linux-usb.c at line 609 Cannot find UPS device -- For a link to detailed USB trouble shooting information, please see .

Tower apcupsd[1735]: apcupsd error shutdown completed


Would really like to get this to work got the UPS as a gift :(



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I'm afraid there's practically NO chance of getting UPS support for that unit, until you or someone else creates an NUT package for it.  I'm sorry.


In the meantime, you might check whether you have another UPS at your location that you could substitute for now?  It just has to be an APC or APC compatible such as CyberPower or a few others.  There are forum threads somewhere about it, and the Upgrading to UnRAID v6 guide mentions it.

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Well that is a bummer


I know this is a different question but


The plugin I have installed does not give me the option for Modbus.  I installed the plg from UnRaid plugins page and edited it to ensure it installed the latest power down script.  Should I have the option for modbus?


Going to try an install the iEmily software that came with the unit on another linux machine and see what it looks like.



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