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  1. I plan to do something the 8TB and 2TB wasnt sure what but will preclear and see what happens Event: Unraid Parity check Subject: Notice [TOWER] - Parity check finished (0 errors) Description: Duration: 19 hours, 51 minutes, 6 seconds. Average speed: 112.0 MB/s Importance: normal The other 2 with UDMA CRC error count 30 and 21 will monitor Well it was a mess but with your help trurl and the UNRAID community looks like I am back to a healthy status
  2. Well I decided to just replace Disk 2 Everything seems to be good now
  3. Event: Unraid Parity sync / Data rebuild Subject: Notice [TOWER] - Parity sync / Data rebuild finished (0 errors) Description: Duration: 20 hours, 55 minutes, 4 seconds. Average speed: 106.3 MB/s Importance: normal Will try what you suggested for Disk 2 now
  4. Me too 19hrs and we will know The items like the Pending Sector amount is there a Ok - Not ok but change very soon number that I can use to ensure I donnt get intot this agian Or I guess I am really asking when there is orange lines - When do I pull the trigger to replace though will likely be a moving target just looking for a best recommendation - lets say not critical data Not saving baby monkeys here - I do have critical data though hahaha
  5. Disk 1 is rebuilding fingers crossed sad to see the 8TB go bye bye I posted my Disk 2 GUI for thoughts - I have drives now to replace it The other disks in the GUI have no orange lines except 2 with UDMA CRC error count 30 and 21.
  6. Okie Dokie I still have a thumbs down on Disk 1 and before I had the crazy Disk 3 failure we were targeting Disk 2. Attached the display of disk 1. If I was ignoring things in the past need to understand better what I can acknowledge and what I should be proactive about. Alot of the 2GB are older for sure Really appreciate all the help
  7. Extended test on remaining drives attached D1 D2 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8
  8. I started that last night but forgot to shut spin down off. Will do an extended test on all remaining drives and post - though it will likely take a day
  9. Well first drive replaced Now I am not sure which one to replace or if I should wait just happy the rebuild went okay
  10. Still easily 7 hours to go Been watching this thing like a hawk as it my first cherry on suspected failure and on top of that possible more at risk HD failures I need to call it a night I posted my log just for poops and giggles but will say I miss the ignore and no problems that has been the norm on my end Really appreciate the help on here. I implement every suggestion from my past problems just not experienced enough to understand the warnings Also want to add I have a replacement for disk 1 but I am struggling with replacing it as it is one of the newest drives in my array and damn its 8TB - will say less then 1 year old - that might be putting the cart before the mule but damn it hurts
  11. Appreciate it ST2000DMZ08 Segate 2TB Sorry missed the rerquest for log
  12. Well things are rebuilding..... Watching the drive I am very unsure why this is so high - its what the old drive indicated as a failure mode but the new drive is not flagging anything # ATTRIBUTE NAME FLAG VALUE WORST THRESHOLD TYPE UPDATED FAILED RAW VALUE 1 Raw read error rate 0x000f 079 076 006 Pre-fail Always Never 74902826
  13. Well your suggestion worked My drives are in hand I am going to exchange 3 now One thing that popped up that I have never seen before is this which guess it means things are really messed up
  14. Well I can not win for losing on this one.... Just had another crazy storm roll through and I am having problems Mounting my external drive I was using to back up some of my data the messages I get are Any help is appreciated
  15. Well arent I in a mess I wasnt having any problems up to the power outage knocking my MOBO out but guess need to learn how to read the HD counts better. You get use to no problems and then you ignore things The data back up will take another day Do I toss a dart at the wall and try replacing Disk 3 first.. The 2 TB drives and 8TB I ordered wonnt be here till mid week
  16. Update Not sure if it was the correct approach but I had 2 disks that would allow me to back up lets say would rather not lose files but would rather not... Crazy part is 3/4 of my data is media that falls under that category. My do not want to ever lose I keep a external back up already Order some new drives if replacement is required also as backing up files used my spares. Like I said maybe not the best idea but still not sure what is causing all the problems The RAW error reads have seemed to stop now that I canceled the parity check General Plan at this point and hoping if I am off track that the more experienced may correct 1. Back up Data 2. Check Connections on every thing and run a few days. Struggling with this as I feel there is failing hardware but maybe not 3. If problem continues change drive 3 - Hope it rebuilds - run for a few days 4. Have not went past that -
  17. In Painic mode..... Have not opened up box or changed anything yet What I started was to SMART Test disc 1 and disk 3 with the intentions of testing all my drives and posting. These are attached though my server started a schedule parity check that I forgot to turn off Disk 3 is spitting out a ton of Raw Read Errors I am wondering if there is something lose ;( The 1 item I should note I do have a 5 disk 5.25" insert. I was thinking I should emliminate this out of the system as it is old but I am 1 slot shy in my server to do that Going to back things up now guess go from there RAID tower-smart-20210902-1327 (1).zip
  18. I get email notifications just not sure how well I monitor that though Do you have a recommendation as I am sure it will run over the evening when I change it.
  19. Turl Well I have a disk I can replace it with so will go that route . Before I do is there anything else I should complete prior to this?
  20. Howdy You are correct regarding the 2 disks. A while back I upgraded some equipment and disks. They are associated with 2 other discs but the high water setting has not started using them again. If I was going to do anything with Disk 2 currently I would like to just remove it out of the system. I have not seen anything in performance that I can think of to date though my response time for Plex Movies seemed to be slow last few days but figured that was the Parity Checks and SmaRT Test causing some of that... Happy to provide further details
  21. Howdy Well that took some time but it completed - without errors is what it indicated Help is always appreciated
  22. Think smart test completed.
  23. Howdy all Well I had a motherboard board taken out in a power outage My fault my UPS was not working - dead battery..... All is fixed now however my parity check hit 3200+ errors first run and now came back with 200+ Looking for some help :)
  24. Hello I have an UPS Connected via a usb cable but the last power outage I had an unclean shut down. Not sure what to do but some suggestions on how to test this andor suggestions where to look on why this would be happening UNRAID Version: 6.8.3 DATE2020-09-07 12:19:32 -0400 HOSTNAMETowerVERSION3.14.14 (31 May 2016) slackware UPSNAMETowerCABLEUSB Cable DRIVERUSB UPS DriverUPSMODEStand Alone STARTTIME2020-09-07 12:12:55 -0400MODELUPS CP850AVRLCD