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  1. Hello I have an UPS Connected via a usb cable but the last power outage I had an unclean shut down. Not sure what to do but some suggestions on how to test this andor suggestions where to look on why this would be happening UNRAID Version: 6.8.3 DATE2020-09-07 12:19:32 -0400 HOSTNAMETowerVERSION3.14.14 (31 May 2016) slackware UPSNAMETowerCABLEUSB Cable DRIVERUSB UPS DriverUPSMODEStand Alone STARTTIME2020-09-07 12:12:55 -0400MODELUPS CP850AVRLCD
  2. Hello My cache drive pending sector count has been increase so I shut down server to add another 1tb drive to prepare a replacement When I powered back up I am recieving an Array Stopped•too many devices message and my array did not start This did happen once before when I had some harddrive issues (about 2 months ago) Wanted to post diag file beofre moving forward Thanks
  3. Howdy Appreciate the help and found these in the log Is there specifics that these are telling me or is there anything else I can do to isolate what may have caused them?
  4. Okay the second parity chaeck reported back clean I have also stopped the auto correction for my scheduled parity checks for now Johnnie when these happen what do I search for in log to find them? Thanks
  5. No unclean shutdowns for a month Did you see sync errors in system log? Will run another check
  6. Okie dokie Rerally hope to get some coaching on what to be looking for too
  7. Hello Version - Version: 6.8.3 Parity Check/fix once a month I have had some problems with Disk 1 in past and some other oddities\ Looking for some help finding the actual errors and understanding if they are telling me anything I do have system logging on also if needed Attached is system log during and after parity check Unraid Parity check: 01-05-2020 00:01 Notice [TOWER] - Parity check started Size: 8 TB Unraid Parity check: 02-05-2020 06:35 Notice [TOWER] - Parity check finished (7 errors) Duratio
  8. Well not sure what the deal is but last 24hours everything is operating perfect. Maybe calm before the storm but really not sure can do anything else but watch 3rd Parity completed this am with no errors and none of my disks recorded any new errors either Event: Unraid Parity check Subject: Notice [TOWER] - Parity check finished (0 errors) Description: Duration: 22 hours, 14 minutes, 4 seconds. Average speed: 100.0 MB/s Importance: normal Going to mark as solved and really appreciate all the help
  9. Appreciate looking at this That was done on a reboot and the server was hanging on the os selection screen. Had to unclean restart then. Knock on wood everything ran great over night and running 3rd parity check and syslog server is running Kinda worried but have my critical unreplaceable files backed up now and will continue to do so On a different note disk 1 was giving out errors with old mobo config but with new setup not 1 hdd error over 2 parity checks. Guess in monitor mode
  10. Howdy Think I have things working but I thought there there would be a screen where I could see all my server temps and voltages Might have missed something not sure Currently CPU1, MB temps and fans are on GUI. In drop downs of plugin most of the stuff I want is in there with lables I created Thanks
  11. Well all has been quiet parity check was completed with no errors. I did have a lock up after a requested reboot and then my wife pulled my ups cord out but everything seems to be work okay Have attached diagnostic file for what it is worth Will also need to look at UPS settings as it caused an unclean shutdown Have syslog server running and backed up my critical files but have no idea what happened and if it will return Really appreciate the help and let me know if there is anyother loging or testing I can do towe
  12. syslog server setup in server to report back to itself though I need to figure out how to save it to an unassigned devices usb drive incase server doesnt boot so far knock on wood 3rd parity check is going good with no syncerrors and should be done in few hours thanks for help
  13. Just shut server down second time and checked all cables and also replaced Disk 7 Sata cable Booted back up and UNRAID returned to normal. Parity check start over on its own Diag log attached Anythoughts on what is happening would be appreciated. Not touching the damn thing for few hours lol
  14. Howdy Well I am not having any luck in last few weeks Second Parity check was about 75% complete with no errors but the server restarted in that last few minutes and booted back up in mess When it booted it said array not started too many disks. I shut server down and started again it now states stale config and is missing Disk 7 grrr Thought things were going good on parity side but guess not Diagnostic file attached
  15. Hello Running 6.8.3, Disk 1 had an UNMOUNTABLE: No files system problem last week which had to be repaired Swapped out MOBO and CPU with Supermicro X8DT6-F late last week Started a parity check April 11th around 17:00 EST which completed today. This check indicated 19171 errors (Correct errors selected)- have attached the parity check histoy and system log Also attached diagnostics file Looking for some insight on what might be happening to my system. Thinking will run another check tonight Thanks Parity Histo
  16. Was looking to use the The "Clear Drive Then Remove Drive" Method if was going to shrink my array. Have no intention of removing the 8G from the system however Going to take a break from this if I reboot again and disk 1 craps out will have to do something Thanks again
  17. Thanks Trurl Will see how things go and decide in couple days regarding the Disk 1 Apreciate it
  18. I have copied the log of the Move - MOVE Do not see a command to remove the root folder tvshows or a resulted error in the log and the directory is empty Should have the "tvshows" root folder on Disk6 been removed after the task was completed or is this normal Thanks
  19. Okay that is fair statement not sure if parity still would look at that subfolder in Disk6 as being present or not. Just the Skrink Array Wiki information says ensure drive is empty Guess my really question is if that tvshows root folder on Disk6 should have been removed after the task was completed and if not is it okay to delete is using MC.
  20. Maybe I should separate this My first run was Scatter\Move - Disk6\tvshows\"there are subfolders here" TO Disk7\tvshows tvshows is a user share and is on other Disks The move seemed to work and the subfolders on Disk6 are gone and are now on Disk7 however the root folder tvshows is still present. Watching the YouTube video should have the tvshows root folder on Disk6 been removed? Would prefer to have no file structure on Disk6 what so ever.
  21. Hello First time using the plugin and am looking to move a bunch of user shares to other disks My first run scatter\Move was Disk6\tvshows to Disk7\tvshows The move seemed to work and the subfolders on Disk6 are gone however the root folder tvshows is still present. Do I delete this now? I want to remove the drive so it needs to be empty Thanks a bunch for the help