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Feature Request: Expanded Archived Notifications

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Currently, unRaid's notification system support a "long message" (option m) with any notification that the system and/or plugin may create.


However, the Archived Notifications screen does not offer a way to display the long message (it will only display the short message).  This means that for any notification that the author deemed necessary to have a long message present (as my current project does require), then if notification settings are not set to Email, then the message contents will be lost.  There should be some sort of method within the GUI to present the full notification message, and not merely the short message

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My preference would be for the last (configurable #) unread notifications to be on the dash board as a list with the other data.


Allowing them to be read, deleted or archived with full view.

The popups do have the description, but not the long description.

The popups can be an annoying feature after being away from the webGui for weeks.

I hardly ever go to the webGui, but when I do,  I have to acknowledge large amounts of popup notifications.

Then I have to go to notification settings and trash them.



There's no way to click on the message and get the long notification data.

The long notification data does not seem to be preserved in the .notify file.



/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/notify -e event -s subject -d description -m 'long description '


root@unRAIDm:/boot/local/bin# more /tmp/notifications/unread/event_1445711452.notify 

timestamp = 1445711452

event = event

subject = subject

description = description

importance = normal


Here is what was received via email.


Event: event

Subject: subject

Description: description

Importance: normal


long description

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Have included the message contents as well for archived notifications.


Upon opening these messages are hidden, but clicking on an individual notification will open (or close) this extra information. This way the list stays compact while the extra information is available.


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