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Tagging items suggestions [SOLD], [WTB], [4Sale] or [4Trade]


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There has been a request to do a split of region in the Buy, Sell, Trade area. For that to happen it would be rather difficult with all the various regions. In order to insure items are easy idenfitied for your intrest the following could be implimented for easier idenfication.


For Example you could tag your posts in the following manner.


1. Status: [SOLD], [WTB], [4Sale] or [4Trade]

2. Location: [Canada-Toronto], [uK-London], [uS-California]

3. Shipping: [Free Shipping], [Pickup only] optional obvisously

4. Item listing Motherboard, Hard drive....................


[4Sale] [Canada-Toronto] Intel 100meg nic


When an item is sold it is recommended you change the Status to [SOLD]


The above are suggestions to help others find/sell their items easier and hopefully to keep the need for several sub-forums for now.

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