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When I stop a VM that I passed through my keyboard/mouse to, it doesn't release back so I can't us unraid command line. I only have 1 PC, so can't remote into it via the web UI from anywhere else. Would like it if the resources are released back to unraid once the main VM stops, that way I can use virsh to manually start it again or boot up a different VM

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If you rely upon a locally-attached monitor and keyboard to interact with the unRAID terminal directly, you will lose this ability once you create a SeaBIOS VM with a GPU assigned. This is due to a bug with VGA arbitration and cannot be solved. This does NOT affect your ability to access the console using a telnet or SSH session, but local console access directly will appear to be frozen (blinking cursor, but no visible response to keyboard input). It does not matter if you are using on-board graphics for the console compared to a discrete GPU for the pass through to a VM or not. With OVMF, however, VGA isn't utilized, therefore arbitration isn't needed and therefore your console graphics will remain intact. Note that not all GPUs support OVMF as OVMF requires UEFI support on your GPU.


From v6 manual

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