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  1. still looking for an answer on how to possibly recover please
  2. Hi, so my Windows didn't want to come up (I usually Team Viewer in) and eventually removed all GPU's and went in through VNC, met with the "Disk Read Error" message. Does anyone know why this happened and how to fix it? Is my VM corrupt? Did I just lose everything?
  3. LOL They actually added IGD support, no wonder! No why the F would the 4th GPU not show up anymore??
  4. MSI H97 Gaming 3. I upgraded the BIOS just now, which essentially reset everything (which was annoying because I had to plug out the GPU's just to force it to use IGD to set the boot order again) and everything is up and running again with the same strange behavior where 3 out of the 4 is picked up, and my IGD is given as an option to pass through to the VM... very weird. The only thing I can think of is that I'm using the HDMI port on the motherboard to use the IGD, the last time I connected to the board (was a full 2 years ago almost), I used the normal VGA. But since then I got a new monitor with only HDMI. Could this have triggered the weird behavior I wonder
  5. Hi, So I got 4 GPU's installed that I wanted to pass through to 1 Windows 10 VM to play around with. Unraid recognized all 4, I was glad, all 4 passed through, except Windows reported that the 4th card could not be enabled due to lack of system resources (I'm assuming PCIe lanes all used up) There was a suggestion to change the BIOS setting to "Gen 1", which I did. When booting up again, Unraid now only showed 2 out of the 4 cards (4 out of 4 before the change).... but wait... it's showing me that I can pass through my integrated graphics? HUH???? Since 3 cards worked fine, I figured I'd disable sound card/parallel ports/serial ports and bring back the settings to what it was (after trying Gen 2 and then Gen 3). I disabled those 3 things in the hope that it would free up some resources and allow me to use the 4th card in Windows 10 VM as well... but even having my settings back to the way it was (except for disabling the aforementioned), unraid still showed only 3 out of 4 GPU's (previously 4 out of 4) AND showing my onboard graphics card as an option to pass it through. WTF? Can anyone explain why all of a sudden Unraid will allow me to bypass my onboard graphics? and not show my 4th GPU anymore? I'm very confused. Because it never worked this way before and I always had to use my onboard graphics if I wanted to see what unraid was doing etc.
  6. Neither does your Docker container, and I know for a fact PhAze will fix whereas the precious Docker container will be there, requiring much more attention and configuration just to work, and then it's not even capable of interacting with the rest of the components like JDownloader2 does (can't copy and paste from browser to it etc)
  7. Much easier working with PhAze plugins
  8. Just tried activ-flexget docker, couldn't even connect to the WebUI. #FAIL #SAD #FAKENEWS
  9. Nope. Tried as well. Usually PhaZe's stuff installs right away, not in the mood for a Docker...
  10. Deluge has a plugin that automatically unrar's for you when the torrent finishes. I use Sonarr to keep track of all my series, hooked up to Deluge (I use a seedbox) and an sshfs volume directly to my seedbox so Sonarr thinks it's local. It then moves the file to my media center (emby) after renaming it and emby takes care of series info/images and so forth. I then use Couchpotato for movies with a similar setup going to Emby. Sickrage sucks
  11. There must have been something broken before, but unRAID did not/could not shutdown running VMs and would just power down causing unclean shutdowns. This appears to be fixed. Agreed. Still unclean shutdowns. Im going to miss powerdown
  12. I just lost a drive; For some reason it forgot a superblock or something and didn't want to mount. Stupid me formatted it in Unraid when it also detected it couldn't mount it (instead of removing it first). There goes 1 TB data. I'm now restoring from Crash Plan, but it just informed me that I don't have enough disk space? Does crashplan copy the restore from the web to it's own Docker container first and then push it to the array? How can I make the restore happen directly to the drives?