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System freezes.


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There are errors on disks 2 and 4, looks like they share same (jmicron?) controller, I can’t tell if these are disk or controller errors but if you have other available ports that’s what I would try first.


Some of your disks have overheated in the past, these are the worst cases:


Device Model:    ST31500341AS

Serial Number:    9VS41Z3G

194 Temperature_Celsius    0x0022  040  065


Device Model:    ST3250824SCE

Serial Number:    9ND1MC42

194 Temperature_Celsius    0x0022  042  070


Make sure you have adequate cooling, try to keep all disks under 45C


Some disks also have some troubling SMART values, after solving the main issue I would do an extended SMART test to all of them.


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