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48TB server, under 35 watts idle (now under 24 watts)

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You probably hit the Intel C2000 (Avoton) issue where they die after around 18 months.  3 year warranty on the board and replacements do not have the same issue.  If you don't go that route I'll happily take those 16GB dimms of your hands for you :)

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Thanks for the information Earthworm, and for the offer to take those DIMMs off my hands.  I may take you up on that; let me try a few more things first.


I had trouble getting the new board to boot up, until I reseated the modular PSU cable on the PSU end.  Then good.  So this could have been the problem all along.  I'll try the old board with a known-good PSU soon.  It may turn into the online backup system I had planned for the new board, as I have pretty much all the other parts needed to build that.


Parity Check on the new system finished in a little bit less time than the last one before the old board had the problem:


Last check completed on Fri 25 Aug 2017 03:20:20 PM PDT (today), finding 0 errors. 
Duration: 15 hours, 17 minutes, 29 seconds. Average speed: 145.4 MB/sec

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I swapped out the 4GB non-ECC DIMM for a 16GB ECC DIMM, and was surprised to see the idle power consumption drop, from 23.0 watts to 22.8 watts.


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