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Variable MOVER settings based on Cache disk utilization


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I've been playing around with the cache disks, and have found myself manually kicking off the mover once in a while, usually when the cache hits 80%. I use it for most of my shares, including photos and video taken with my phone. Some days or weeks there's almost nothing, and some times there is a LOT being saved. It would be awesome to have the mover kick in automatically when the cache drives hit a utilization threshold (ideally a user input number), as well as at a certain time interval like it does today...



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Wouldn't that make it extremely likely that the mover kicks in while you are in the active process of transferring files to the server, slowing everything to a crawl?


If your cache drives are ssd, then no, writing other files to the array data drives wont significantly slow down writes to your ssd cache drive.

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