Setting up a server again

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OK, during a power outage I think it corrupted the operating system, or at least I think. This happened a while back and I didn't have time until now to take a go at fixing it. I tried replacing the 2 files that normally get screwed up bzroot and the other that escapes me at the moment. I have I believe version 4.6 on the drive. What is the best version to update it to?Also I'm not sure which is the parity drive. I know it's the largest but there are two that are the same size. Is there a way to tell which it is? This server ran for years with no problems. After that long it's easy to forget some of the details. Any help to try to get this going again with screwing up the data on the other drives would be greatly appreciated. THANKS

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I think this post would be better off in the General Support (V5 and Older) forum, it will get the right kind of attention there.  You might want to ask a moderator to move it...


Is the old USB stick still readable, specifically the config directory?  Hopefully you can reconstruct a bootable USB stick if that folder is still there.  In a worst case scenario, do you have another machine in which you could mount the drives and use something like Disk Internals to inspect the file systems?

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Before you start, copy EVERYTHING off of that Flash Drive into a safe place!  You never know when you might need a file from that old install!


Here are the basic instructions for moving from  4.X to ver 5:


The problem with this is that is assumes that the directory that contains your configurations is  intact.  If it isn't, you are some what on your own. 


One important thing to go into this process realizing that most likley NONE of your plugins are going to work!!!  So start with a virgin  Version 5    go    file and delete any plugins files or folders. If that does not work read the rest of this post...


As I recall with ver 5 and above, a virgin install of unRAID will not start the array on boot-up.  One course of action is assign all of the drives as data drives and start the array.  If one (and only) drive is found to be unformatted, that should be your parity drive.  The one thing, you do NOT want to do is to format any drives until you figure things out.  Be very sure that everything seems right before you do anything that could jeopardize your data. 


I would suggest that you consider going to ver 5 first and get the basic array working first.  Then decide what your next move will be.  I should warn you that most of the folks have moved on to ver 6.1.9 but that is much more involved especially if you are still on a 4.X release.

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Since your is most likely an old install with older hardware, it might not be compatible with the ver 6.0.  To check you wil have to first install ver 5.0.6 and use the following instruction to find out"


All unRAID v6 releases are 64 bit (unRAID v5 are 32 bit), and REQUIRE a 64 bit processor! So the first requirement is to make sure your CPU is 64 bit capable, which almost all modern CPU's are. Here's a simple test for your current unRAID system, that will quickly show whether you have a problem or not ...


    [*]Login or Telnet into your unRAID console

    [*]Type "grep --color lm /proc/cpuinfo" (type it without the quotes; color is preceded by 2 hyphens)

    [*]Look for lm in the CPU flags listed

    [*]If it is there, it is 64-bit capable. If it is not, sorry, you need new hardware!



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