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Hey guys,


I started using unRAID a month ago and I'm accessing the webUI through Chrome on OSX.

I was wondering if anyone ever created a small app that would live in the menu bar and will give you access to launch the webUI from it and info about your unRAID server (temp, uptime, errors...) or even launch a standalone unRAID management UI?


I know I could have it in my favorites bar in Chrome. I'm just wondering about a one-click/non-browser solution.




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you will build a dedicated native application to osx that contains a direct shortcut to your webgui. So in essence, you'll end up with an OSX application (in your taskbar, or dock, whichever you prefer) that points directly at your webgui. You won't be reinventing anything here, but you wont have to open chrome, open favorites, open shortcut, close chrome, etc....


You'll just click on an icon of your choosing in the taskbar and bam, you webgui will pop up. when you're done, just click away, bam, it vanishes.


Ya know whata mean?!  8) And Yes, you'll have complete control over everything. Just try it!


Edit: and then later, if you think fast like Jimmy here  :o, you'll use that fluidapp the create other lightning fast native applications residing in your taskbar to control docker containers remotely, VNC VMs, etc...  I've built some for Muximux, Deluge, Couch, etc....  The sky is the limit my friend! Instant access, boots up automatically at login.

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For me, the webgui is the weak link. When it becomes unresponsive you can't use it to control the server. Some other method is needed.


When Margarita was first created, unRaid had no native support for notifications of any sort. Now that unRaid 6 has been released that is no longer true and I don't need to rely on Maragarita for notifications anymore, but there are still occasional problems with the GUI. Having Maragarita allows me to perform basic control actions within the server without having to telnet in.

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