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  1. Dear johnnie.black, You're a Life Saver! This thread made my day! I had honestly been pulling my hair for 2 whopping days here with this! Thanks a Bunch!
  2. BlueHarvest is absolutely brilliant at that: http://www.zeroonetwenty.com/blueharvest/
  3. You just made my day! Thanks for sharing your resolution steps! I was equally successful in that manner!
  4. LibreELEC v6.7.1 working fine now with Hauppauge USB (rc2 wasn't). Thank you CHBMB!
  5. Yet Another Jimmy Banner Bonanza! 👽 Gallery Link
  6. DVB is Hauppauge-955Q (USB). Here's the DVB plugin screen for rc2 :
  7. It's the Generic build for LIbreElec6.7.1rc2 1) LibreElec6.71rc1 is working fine per first screenshot 2) Installing rc2 per second screenshot 3) Docker failing per third-fourth screenshot
  8. Dear CHBMB, LibreElec_v6.7.1rc2 is failing to locate /dev/dvb/ on reboot. We had the same issue with 6.7.0rc8 a while back and you fixed it by recompiling if i recall correctly. Thanks again for you kind support "in the blind"
  9. She is buttery smooth again now! Thanks so much for your kind support CHBMB!
  10. I'm in the same boat. LibreELEC 6.7.0-RC8 + Hauppauge 955Q. The Plex Docker errors that /dev/dvb is non-existent. Something's obviously wrong
  11. This container is flawless and so useful! Thanks for your outstanding V2 work on this ninthwalker!
  12. Its a Jimmy Banner Bonanza! Enjoy!
  13. Indeed, we need a Hero! This would be so much appreciated!
  14. Dear ninthwalker, Yet again, Thanks so much for your brilliant contributions to this community. Now Showing is alive and kickin' over here! Impeccable! -Jimmy