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As for my Hardware, it's in Signature.

I'm new to this. i switched from my Windows Homer Server on a HP N40L to this. The HP is now my Backup-System with nas4free.

The goal was to replace the HP Microserver on which there were the files and a mysql-Server for Kodi _and_ the TvHeadend-Server on a Raspberry Pi2.

So i browsed around and finally got to unraid, which seemed to do all i was suspecting.


Everything went fine in the first place, so i bought a plus version, but right after switching finally to unraid my problems began.

First there was a bug in the tvheadend plugin, which made it almost impossible to get a clean shutdown, then after clearing that up, i found out, there was a problem with my cache-drive, after removing it an reconfiguring the server, it seemed to be impossible to shutdown  the tv headend-plugin again, the provided fix, didn't work well anymore, so i switched to the tvheadend docker and got myself into a bit of trouble with the media-images as there was somehow a wrong image whith which i couldn't get any muxes to get to the stations. So is used the dvb-plugin to install the image Openelec 6.1.9 Driver 1.11 which was known to work well with my technotrend CT2-4400 USB-Stick.


After setting it up, everything seemed to work fine and i went to watch some tv, after backing all up. Somehow, it didn't work anymore. my librelec couldn't get any connecting and i went beack to my PC, to find my server not responding to anything, nothing. Even trying telnet didn't succeed, so i switched to my ipmi-console, where "top" was running the whole evening and tried to access my server there. top was working quite well, i could see smb eating the cpu at a 100%, but i wasn't able to access anything even trying a "orderly shutwon" from ipmi didn't do anything, so i used , shutwon immediately, which wasn't the first time, because there were several of this insidents before leading to this exact behaviour.


i started it again and went to bed, after searching for anything logged in any log, which i didn't find. So i watched the protocol today and found, what is attached, which seems to lead to tvheadend/usb again, but i don't understand, what it's trying to tell me. but finally after searching the whole time, for the real problem, there seems to be a lead...


Anyway, while i'm writing this, i stopped my array a few minutes ago and the only response from the system is "Stopping Docker..." while beeing totally unresponsive to anything, including ipmi-console again. I really would like to give more information, but it is fucking impossible to interact with the system at the moment.

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Dave, what happens if you run without the Tuner in?  Is it stable then?


First, thanks for your reply :-)

Then, the Tuner isn't plugged in directly to the port, because it doesn't fit at the port next to my USB-Stick which is for unraid.

At first it was plugged in with a USB-Hub, without a poweradapter, then, with a  short extension-cable and at last with the USB-Hub with poweradapter. There was no way, it would work without any problems. So is assumed, there's something wrong with the Stick or the USB onboard, or the combination of the two, so after a little research in the forums around i ordered a PCI-E USB3.0-card which will arrive tomorrow. For now i'm back on the rapsberryPi2 which works brilliant with the Tuner so i don't think it's the tuner. It has been fine with TvHeadend 4.0.9 and it still is fine with 4.2. (both open/libreelec and it's supported by openlec for a long time)

btw. is anyone providing 4.2 already?


And finally, yes, unraid runs flawlessly without the tuner.

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OK, so something about the tuner stick or usb is definitely causing a problem.


Before you order a PCI-(E) card I'd recommend checking that Linux drivers exist for it, and preferably in kernel.  That will make it the safest long term bet, personally a second best bet would be a TBS card as they tend to respond very quickly to changes in the linux kernel and update their drivers.  I would steer clear of anything from Digital Devices at the moment, their drivers are a mess and I'm waiting for them to get back to me about it.

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You're right, the reason for this particular card is, i found it in the forums around, so i think it is supported :)

I don't even know TBS. Do you have an example for me, which device to buy, so i could check, if it is available in germany?

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btw. is anyone providing 4.2 already?


There isn't released a 4.2 version of tvheadend yet. It's the openelec build that use 4.2 on the 4.1 master branch. Why they decided to call it 4.2 is beyond my understanding.

So if you want 4.2 you can install my tvheadend-unstable container. I try to update it once a week, as the development is progressing fast.. The unstable version is quite stable  :)

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