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  1. Just a small update. The friend was told to send the board in, after it failed on luks under debian....
  2. ok, thanks...and fuck, this is a really good idea, while i tested other Ports (of course) i left my controller in the closet The mini-SAS cable is in the package btw.
  3. The asrockstuff is serious stuff. i have a C2550D4I and it is really nice. there was even the bug in the CPU an asrock changed it for a new one without the bug, after it had some trouble. The board my friend has ist even more advanced and the performance with unraid was outstanding. But i didn't have the time to sort all features out, because i was focused on this problem. I think the best what could happen was, that there is a hardwareerror for real and asrock changes this board, too... but for that, we need to find out more, there is, at the moment, no real thing to prove hardwareerrors. and above all that, i told him to choose asrock and to choose unraid...so i feel kind of responsible in a way 🙂
  4. I think i found, what was going on with this. It is some kind of virtualization capability of the board. I think there must have been a cmos reset or setup default loading in between, which activated the virtual devices in Bios.
  5. You're right, but i don't think its broken in general, there would be at least some more posts about it. The difficulty here is a few steps higer even, because there is nothing pointing to any problems on the system... until you use encryption, sryl NOTHING! It runs flawlessly with even a bunch of Vms and a bunch of dockers.
  6. yeah, i think im going to test it on my system this weekend (the other is the brandnew system of bubiman) but i think testing it on my unraid, will not prove much, either way.
  7. i did a complete memtest from the bootmenu, without any errors. And i switched the ram afterwards, with the same result.
  8. Hello, Thanks for the replies. First, there is no way, that this is about performance of the CPU. It would work anyway, but it would cost cpu-time. But I don't think that it would with this CPU. Look it up. We had drive encryption for a long time now and we did it with Much smaller cpus, even without AES-NI Then @limetech is there anything you could point me to? And about separation and plugins. Yes, without any plug in and yes single drive only tested. I even tested without parity. No cross shares ever. The share was only on the encrypted drive and everything else was excluded.
  9. You're right. That didn't help. I had 6.7.3.rc1 installed for testing, which didn't change anything. Now i downgraded to 6.6.7 and i am waiting for parity ceck once again...
  10. Yeah, thats what i think. but i really don't know which Hardware... however, next step, changing RAM.
  11. It's just the same, if i try to copy the files in MC. That's highly disappointing.
  12. i tried to understand the 8bit datawidth and read a bit,m but i still don't get it, why has this DDR4 Memorychip 8bit and my DDR3 has 64Bit? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Mine: --------------------------------- Total Width:64 bits Data Width:64 bits Size:8192 MB Form Factor:DIMM Set:None Locator:DIMM0 Bank Locator:BANK 0 Type:DDR3 Type Detail:Synchronous Unbuffered (Unregistered) Speed:1600 MT/s Manufacturer:Micron Serial Number:18201217 Asset Tag:1BANK 0 DIMM0 AssetTag Part Number:18KSF1G72AZ-1G6P1 Rank:2 Configured Memory Speed:1600 MT/s ---------------------------------------------------------------- The one in the Server with Problems: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Total Width:8 bits  <<<<<<!!! Data Width:8 bits  <<<<<<!!! Size:16384 MB Form Factor:DIMM Set:None Locator:DIMM1 Bank Locator:BANK 0 Type:DDR4 Type Detail:Synchronous Unbuffered (Unregistered) Speed:2400 MT/s Manufacturer:Samsung Serial Number:38F1142D Asset Tag:BANK 0 DIMM1 AssetTag Part Number:M378A2K43BB1-CRC Rank:2 Configured Memory Speed:2400 MT/s Minimum Voltage:1.2 V Maximum Voltage:1.2 V Configured Voltage:1.2 V