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Getting my UnRAID server to S3 Sleep is no problem. Waking the damn thing up is a different story. Do I need to hit the power button every time? What are the other ways to wake it up? Can I wake it up in a similar fashion to when the disks spin down, by just trying to access the user share? It would be nice if the Plugin woke it up at a scheduled time just like the schedule to make it sleep.

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Its a great day when you can answer your own questions. Turns out my DD-WRT router has a WOL signal feature. Yipee!!!


There are several ways to do this. Under Windows, i use a little program called "wake.exe". If you like it scheduled, use the taskplaner an create a scheduled task for wake.exe - thats it  ;)

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Hi there,

I've used this plugin without any issues for a long time, but recently (I assume after an OS or plugin update) it started going to sleep during a parity check. It happens on both my servers, so I have to disable sleep before running a parity check. Is this behaviour to be expected now? Otherwise, sleep works as expected and only goes to sleep with there is no array activity for the specified amount of time. For some reason, it looks like parity check is not considered to be array activity.

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