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  1. Still having trouble with this. How do I remove the users and stop the Errors?
  2. With all Plugins disabled and the Array online, I get the following errors......
  3. Still having issues for several months. Tried starting in Safe Mode and it always seem to be a struggle to even access the WebGUI. Attached diags are from Safe Mode. Any suggestions are appreciated. beall-diagnostics-20200528-2038.zip
  4. Swapped from eth1 to eth0 and I get a few new errors: The dropout times seem to coincide with the Nothing to do and Unable to communicate with GitHub.com errors. Any ideas?
  5. I get frequent drop outs of UnRaid server from Windows access and when I try to access the WebGUI. If I wait 3-4minutes it comes back for about 5 mins then, drops out again. Not sure what the Errors mean. Any help is sincerely appreciated. beall-diagnostics-20200513-1048.zip
  6. Still struggling to erase previously configured users in the built-in FTP. I’ve disabled the built-in FTP but, keep getting the errors under Fix Common Problems.
  7. Have a network printer/scanner combo that has a feature to scan and put PDF in network folder. Anybody have this kind of feature working? The scanner asks for the host and folder name but, no combination of entries works.
  8. I believe redis or MariaDB provide quicker downloads of large files or photos to your local NextCloud app. Letsencrypt provides some reverse proxy security. However, I stripped out both just to get to the latest upgrade but, I had to delete the Nextcloud folder in the appdata directory first to resolve my previous issue. I feel like a dumbass but, I managed to upgrade my Nextcloud! I’ll add the redis and Letsencrypt soon.
  9. I know that Letsencrypt is a prerequisite but, is it required? Just trying to get things working without the reverse proxy first.
  10. What version were you before when Nextcloud was working?
  11. I still have not resolved this. I am running UnRAID 6.8.0. I’ve removed and re-installed the Nextcloud docker. I have installed the Letsencrypt docker but, it’s not running. Does it need to be running for the Nextcloud webserver to work? Which log is best to review to troubleshoot?
  12. I get the following when trying to access the Nextcloud Web GUI. MariaDB docker seems to be running fine.
  13. Are you saying there is an SQL client built into the Shell part of the _Console? Or, would I use the Bash part of the _Console to invoke a third party SQL client?
  14. Noob here: 1.) What commands can be used in the Shell version of the _Console? 2.) After creating a new database or two, what is the best way to check if they were created correctly? Is there a SHOW ALL DATABASES command or something or a way to look at the properties of the databases?
  15. Hmm...the techradar link provided goes to an article that must be outdated. One link to the BH site shows 404. The other has 5 email account max at $2.95/month and unlimited email accounts at $5.95/month. It’s still better than the $2.95/month/user I was told when talking directly to them. A bit of pricing dishonesty if you ask me. I found Dynu.com which I already had a DDNS account. Their price is $19.95/yr for 50 email accounts. I only need about 10 for now.