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  1. Hmm...the techradar link provided goes to an article that must be outdated. One link to the BH site shows 404. The other has 5 email account max at $2.95/month and unlimited email accounts at $5.95/month. It’s still better than the $2.95/month/user I was told when talking directly to them. A bit of pricing dishonesty if you ask me. I found Dynu.com which I already had a DDNS account. Their price is $19.95/yr for 50 email accounts. I only need about 10 for now.
  2. What email service providers are cheapest these days? I have my own domain name. I was using Bluehost for several years and it was included in the web hosting fee. I had several email accounts, all for free. Then, I left BH for a slightly cheaper web hoster but, their email sucks. I tried to go back to BH after 6 months and now they want to charge $2.99 per email account per month. WTF? I’d rather not use my UnRaid server since I let that sleep during the night. Any suggestions?
  3. I have a Z97 Extreme6 MB on UnRAID and have run out of Sata ports. Before I install a PCI/PCIe card, has anybody had any issues with the UnRAID array with HDDs connected directly to the MB and with them connected to a PCI/PCIe card? If not, can anyone recommend a good PCI/PCIe to Sata card? TIA
  4. I get the following message when trying to open the Nextcloud Web GUI. The server log only shows that the Nextcloud docker loaded successfully. I have Mariadb installed and set up but, I don't think the Nextcloud Web GUI is necessarily dependent on that.
  5. I have an external harddrive that is plugged into the USB of my UnRAID server that I want copy it’s contents to a share drive but, I do not want to make it part of the array. How is this done?
  6. The Export Mode is explained in the UnRAID videos. Should’ve watched it first!
  7. I’ve read the latest UnRAID manual but, I’m looking for clarification on what Export Mode is and how one would access a Private share from a Windows 7 PC.
  8. I have the same issue and similar config; only my network threshold is set at 100 kb/s. I am also looking for a log as to what is preventing my UnRaid server from entering Sleep mode.
  9. Thank you for the clarification.
  10. Can I disable the Docker and VM Manager without losing any data?
  11. In order to change my IP address to static under Network Settings, it indicates that I have to Stop the VM Manager and Docker services. What’s the best way to stop these services without deleting them?
  12. I'm not sure what version of Apache-PHP I need. I am trying to set up a testing server for Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. The DW guide indicates that I need a web server like Apache, something to handle the PHP code, and a database app like MySQL. Do I need Apache-PHP or Apache-PHP Adminer? Or, should I install separate Dockers (Apache, MySQL, and some Docker that does PHP)?
  13. Oddly enough, things seem to be okay now....without having to do a thing. Perhaps it was an ISP issue or the app feed and Github server or the access to them were down. I'm not sure where tyty123 is located but, I am located in NC and use Spectrum. All other Internet access seemed to be unaffected at the time. Oh well.
  14. My Apps screen fails to load and I see only script. The beginning of the error reads Download of appfeed failed. And then.... Community Applications requires your server to have internet access. The most common cause of this failure is a failure to resolve DNS addresses. You can try and reset your modem and router to fix this issue, or set static DNS addresses (Settings - Network Settings) of and and try again.