Upgrading from unRAID OS 4.7 to unRAID OS 5 and then 6

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Hi team,


I went through most of the topics on this forum but could not find an naswer to my questions:


Could you please let us know where to download the last  5.0 version to upgrapde my 4.7 server?

Also, could you please point me to the correct documentation / process to do so?


Huge thanks in advance.

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I believe the Upgrading to UnRAID v6 guide should answer your questions, especially the first sections.  It's no longer recommended to upgrade to v5, rather it's better to upgrade all the way to the latest, with a fresh install using the 'clean install' method.  You won't lose any data or shares, may not even have to rebuild parity.  Your license is completely valid, no extra fee.

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Rob's advice is solid, and hopefully you won't hit any snags, but...


You should be aware that some people run into issues with ReiserFS after the upgrade. If your current drives are fairly full, you may want to think about purchasing a new parity drive, 4-8TB depending on future plans and budget. That way you will be prepared to go through the long process of moving data from drive to drive if you need to change file systems to XFS. There is a sticky thread at the top of general support about the migration process.


Also, I'd make the effort to obtain smart reports for all your drives before you do anything. It sucks to get into the middle of a migration process and find out you have some dodgy drives.

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