Default users missing from /etc/passwd

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Systems which have been upgraded over time are missing a bunch of entries in their /etc/passwd and shadow files, as compared to systems that start fresh with unRAID 6.3.0-rc3.


Over in this thread, we learned that the "avahi" user is required for proper operation, not sure if missing other users cause similar problems.


How to reproduce:


Compare the /etc/passwd and shadow files from a fresh system to a system that has been upgraded over time.  On my system, the following entries were missing:


usbmux:x:52:83:User for usbmux daemon:/var/empty:/bin/false
sddm:x:64:64:User for SDDM:/var/empty:/bin/false
pulse:x:65:65:User for PulseAudio:/var/run/pulse:/bin/false
apache:x:80:80:User for Apache:/srv/httpd:/bin/false
haldaemon:x:82:82:User for HAL:/var/run/hald:/bin/false
polkitd:x:87:87:PolicyKit daemon owner:/var/lib/polkit:/bin/false


and messagebus on the upgraded system was:


as compared to a new system:

messagebus:x:81:81:User for D-BUS:/var/run/dbus:/bin/false


Expected results:


Upgraded systems should have the same set of default passwd entries as fresh systems.


Actual results:


Upgraded systems do not have the same default passwd entries.


Other information:


I did the following to bring my system up to date, it seems to have worked:

  • Rename /boot/config/passwd to passwd.sav and shadow to shadow.sav
  • Reboot
  • Change the root password, this creates new passwd and shadow files in /boot/config
  • Merge my users from the sav files to the new files in /boot/config
  • Reboot again

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